Dream Interpretation: Does Cheating Dream Mean Hubby Is Having Another Affair?

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

About three years ago I discovered that my husband cheated on me with my best friend! We have since sorted things out and moved on (so I thought anyway!). However, I have recently started to constantly dream that my husband is cheating on me again. Every dream is different, the only thing that’s the same is that I always walk in on him kissing someone or having sex with someone. In the dreams he never really seems to care that I interrupted him. He also doesn’t seem to care if i say I’ll leave with the kids and that he’d never see them again. What does this mean?

Lauri: Cheating dreams are actually incredibly common and rarely point to an actual affair that might be going on; rather, they point to jealousy on the dreamer’s part over something he or she feels their mate spends too much time doing — like golf, hanging with friends, or spending too much time at work.

However, there was an actual affair at one time in your marriage, so that does become a rather sticky wicket as far as this dream is concerned. So let’s get the obvious out of the way (hopefully). Do you think another affair might be going on? Other than this dream, is there anything else that is causing the hair on the back of your neck to stick up? Is he fiercely guarding his iPhone or Facebook? Has he stepped up his grooming? Is he distancing himself from you? You’ve been down that road before. You know the signs. Does it feel like déjà vu all over again? If so, your intuition may be trying to get your attention through this dream.

If that’s not the case and this dream seems to be coming out of nowhere, then relax! Understandably, you are gun shy and may be having a bout of insecurity, which unfortunately does happen even years after the trauma of having to live through infidelity. It is severe emotional trauma and your inner psyche will respond the same way as any other traumatic event — and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder dreams can certainly take place. That could be what’s happening, which means hubby may need to give you some reassuring TLC right now so you can more easily move through this episode.

It is also possible that this is a classic case of what causes most cheating dreams… hubby’s got too much focus, time and attention into something that does not involve you and is causing you to feel cheated out of your time with him. The fact that you keep interrupting the event in your dreams may be a clue. What in waking life does he complain you keep interrupting? Do you keep walking in on him while he’s in the process of working on some project or idea? What is it you would like him to stop doing so much?

Hopefully this is the source of the dream and not the trauma effect or another affair! If this is the case it can be easily remedied by hubby cutting back a bit more on the time he gives this project or issue or at the least, by giving a little more hugs and cuddles to you.

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  1. I dream about my boyfriend having an affair with this girl that i saw in his facebook that while back i seen her in his MySpace being a friend to him that would chill at 5 in the a.m.mmh no friend to me there something more i never forget a face well anyways im concern if i worried my husband once cheated and i now the signs wen i try to get near his phone and he runs to the phone and wont let me see it and after we argue he says trust but wat girl wouldn’t think that he is cheating

  2. Since past 2 weeks I have been dreaming about my husband having affair with another girl….this thing just keeps rotating in my mind day n night.

  3. I been having more then one dream that my husband left me for an other girl wild I was pregnant, I been waking up with tears. I keep on dreaming this like 5-6 times already. I been trying to look up for the meaning of it I been searching a Lott so I could know why I keep on dreaming that. I hope I find an answer and I hope it won’t mean nothing.

    1. We are raising same question…after discussing it to my hubby but later on the dream kept on bothering me…ive been dreaming it constantly even though we’re.communicating everyday bcoz he is a seafarer…i am pregnant also and i am so afraid why i kept on dreaming that he’s having another affair..

  4. I have a dream, the same with other girls.. my boyfriend, is having an affair on other girl. I had already.. research on the following interpretation. I hope, it does not mean, anything… hmmmph #worrief #cried

  5. my dream was i was in my kitchen feeding my baby to the left of me i saw a woman standing next to the cooker like preparing food she was dressed in casual clothes like pj trousers and top a text came in on her phone she got very secretive about the text then in my dream my mind went onto my husband i got anxious, she left and went up stairs her phone was in the kitchen i looked at the text and saw my husbands name, i went upstairs where my baby was in his cot i didn’t see the woman i saw a cat just walking around the cot and looking at my baby i picked up my baby then i woke up from my sleep

  6. Hey I’ve been having dreams that my husband is cheating on me or has left with another girl. I’m so worried this could be true I need help figuring this out

  7. My husband has cheated on me awhile back I constantly get these dreams that he is cheating on me & most of the time he confesses he’s cheating lately I’ve dreamed a few times that he is cheating on me with a cousin of mines this is driving me nuts. He has a weird schedule to begin with so I can’t go off of that I can’t stand waking up crying anymore how do I interpret this???

  8. I dreamt that my husband confess of having an affair 15 years ago with a 16 year old girl, her face was so familiar, and when I woke up I remember is one of the students from school. In the dream he confessed of having an affair with her and said that he had sexuall intercourse 60 times! He said he gave her the key to an appartment and that’s where they met. In the dream she was also pregnant form my daughters boyfriend and that is how I found out about her and my husband having to confess. I was vey very mad in the dream and was crying and thinking that 15 years ago we did not have any money and I remember that he used to come home late. I am ver upset.leae tell me what this dream means.

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