Dream Interpretation: I Died and Came Back to Life!

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I dreamed that I died and I ended up in a place where there were other people walking around. Everyone knew we were dead and there were buildings and rooms, it looked like the world we live in today. I kept feeling like I urgently needed to come back to the living, especially go back to my girlfriend, and I was desperately looking for a way to come back to life. There were people there I knew but I don’t remember who they are and someone told me they knew how to come back to life. He told me when an old man whistled (or maybe it was hummed) there is a chance to get through.

I don’t remember what happened next but we did something to get through whatever that was and I was underwater deep under the sea on an old wooden pirate ship. Everyone was dead aboard the ship and it was carrying me to up to the surface. They knew I was on board with this other person and were trying to catch us and get rid of us and we somehow disabled the ship and escaped.

From this point on I don’t know what happened to the other person but next thing I know I’m alive, I feel a huge pressure in my chest and I’m going to see my girlfriend and family. I find her and my family and I’m with her and I think I’m holding her and all the pressure is released from my chest and a sensation of relief comes over me. I don’t remember how long I was dead for though, could have been 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 years. (Kind of eerie I would remember it like that, 6-6-6). That was all that happened but I remember thinking in my dream how my body was in perfect condition and I thought how maybe it should have been decayed or rotting but it wasn’t. I hope you can help, I’ve never died then come back to life in a dream before! Thanks!

Lauri: Dreaming of one’s own death can be very concerning, but you may be happy to know it’s also pretty common. Death, to the dreaming mind, is connected to something changing or ending in waking. In what way has your life — as you now know it — come to an end or changed? Is there something you have had to let go of? Any issue you have had to lay to rest? Or perhaps you’ve become dead to the world in some way. Have you become cold and unemotional? Throughout the dream you are trying to come back to life so you can get back to your girlfriend. What is it you are trying to revive in the real world? Did your relationship go through some turmoil and are you trying to get it back to the way it was? Or are you trying to get yourself back to the way you were so you can enjoy your current relationship? That may be what the old pirate ship is about. Ships in dreams are often connected to a relationship. Is there an old relationship that went horribly wrong and that caused you to submerge your anxieties rather than deal with them? Long story short, it seems that you may have gotten something off your chest, hence the release of pressure from your chest in the dream. Your body is in perfect condition because, despite what you thought, you did not sustain any serious emotional damage from the past. Looks like you are ready to live again!

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  1. I recently had a dream where i was beatrn and killed by someone i went to school with i ressurected 6 weeks after my death mostly everyone i knew moved on i went to an old apartment i lived in before this happened and it seemed like i been dead for longer everyone thought i was dead i seen some friends in the hallway but only recognized one and he said i was suppose to die that day we was talking and i said i didnt die he said i did but then a lil girl gave me this gun with 3 bullets i didnt know how to use it in the dream which was weird but i walked around for a couple days thinking what to di then i walked up tbese steps and i woke up

  2. I dreamt that I died too but, I returned back in time before things happened(I always time leap in my dreams whenever I die). Though, I always have a goal, saving the world or saving people I “know”. It was always a nightmare when things like this happens, I’d fight some weird monsters in order to save/protect the world/or someone like in a game. Reset, Save and Load.
    Does that make sense?

    1. I’ve had dreams just like that, but when I died, my eyes would glow green and come back, sometimes there were clones of me as well, and I had to save the world from monsters like that as well..

  3. I dreamt that i was chopped up by some mob gangster guy, resembling jason statham. I dont remember exact details but someone resembling the Hulk was there. I was chopped up for something i was barely involved in.. Maybe as an example.. I remember standing there then an axe came for my neck. I fell to the floor then i felt someone hacking my neck and back.. Then i felt my right arm being hacked then, because i was facing my left arm while i was down, i saw them hack my arm and hands. I was in first person until i blacked out then took someone elses body or maybe i didnt.. I saw them throw my body in a meat grinder..

  4. I also dreamt that i died. I was in a hospital and my whole dads side of the family was there. Everyone looked so sad and i wanted to comfort them but i.couldnt. i saw my closest cousin sad, he couldnt stop crying. I was a ghost walking around and seeing even my dad who had ran away came back sad and burdened. They brought me to a funeral home and there was another lady having a funeral same time as me. Everyone wore black and looked down. Hardly anyone looked up, not even the priest. I came back to life and was naked. I hugged my family and dressed up, half the room was still sad because their beloved was still dead. But she too arose and was back to life. We all smiled like it wasnt a big deal and walked out back to our new lives but i enjoyed earth and appreciated my life more. I dont know what this deam means but i cant forget it. Been a few days now since i dreamt it but i can still remember every part of it.

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