Dream Interpretation: I Don't Know Whom I'm Sleeping With


photo by Masked-Bob

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a woman asks Lauri:

I have this recurring dream of having sex where I never recognize my partner. What does that mean?

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Lauri: Ah!  The classic “mystery lover” dream… a very common dream for both genders.  What you need to keep in mind is that when you dream (meaning everyone) you are the embodiment of narcissism because just about everything and everyone in your dream is all about you, you, YOU! That being said, these dreams do NOT mean you have an underlying desire to bed any ol’ guy that crosses your path. Rather these seemingly random, unrecognizable fellas are standing in for a part of your own personality that you do not recognize in waking life, a part that is trying to get your attention through these dreams.  Perhaps you’re a helluva writer, or could excel at investment banking. It is probably a skill or talent others recognize in you but you just haven’t accepted yet. Whatever this mystery quality is, your dreaming mind is telling you that once you bring it into your life, just as you bring the man into yourself in these dreams, it could eventually allow you to give birth to something wonderful, just as the purpose of sex (even tho it’s a favorite past time for many of us) is to create new life.

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  1. In Nigeria,when you dream often of having sex with a faceless nameless stranger,it usually means that you have a husband or wife in the spirit realm…its not something many people want to hear but its the truth.we are more involved in the spiritual realm than we care to think…Life is a serious business,don’t joke with it…the solution?
    Ask God to deliver you…things like that either prevent you from getting married or makes you have unhappy marriages.women have been known to loose their hubbies months or years after marriage because the spirit husband kills them off…If you rally want to know more,you can contact me by mail…or call me?I’ve been a victim so i know what I’m talking about…my number is0 8065208025

  2. While that’s true, this is just an interpretation. It’s meant to be taken serious or not on and individual basis. If you think its BS, then fine, if it means something to you, then take its meaning however you like.

  3. Really? Can’t a dream about sex with a random stranger be about sex with a random stranger? Usually in those dreams you really like the random stranger. It’s a fantasy. Sometimes a cigar is a cigar, not a cock.

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