Dream Interpretation: I Give Birth to a Baby Naturally, Sans Babydaddy

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it) This week, a reader asks Lauri:

Some nights ago I had a really strange dream: I gave birth to a child (I do not know if it was a girl or a boy). It was a natural and uncomplicated birth, assisted by a midwife, it did not take place in a hospital, and no doctor was involved. All in all, in my dream it was a really positive experience and I woke up quite happy. It was not clear from my dream whether I was married or not, there was definitely no boyfriend /spouse or any other man in the dream.

Background information: I am in my early thirties, have been single for some time now and am not dating at all. The likelihood of me having a baby in the near future is close to zero. I dislike hospitals and doctors in general. Also, my own birth was full of complications that could have cost my mother her life, if it hadn’t been for the really competent doctors involved.

Lauri: Dreams of giving birth are almost always connected to something positive in the dreamer’s waking life but are rarely connected to an actual pregnancy or birth. A baby is a brand new life, so in your dreams it will represent a new life for you. You described the birth as natural and uncomplicated. What have you accomplished recently without effort and with ease? There was no “father” in the dream so that means this is something purely of your own doing. This could be a project you have finished, a new friendship you have made, a goal you have finally reached or perhaps even a new attitude or mindset you have taken on. You also described the birth as really positive experience. Recapture the feeling of that experience and ask yourself what in your life feels the same way? What in your waking life would you describe as a really positive experience? Whatever it is, your dreaming mind wants you to look at it as though it were your baby so you will be sure to continue to nurture and focus on it so that it can reach its full potential.

Response from dreamer:  Actually, I have just enrolled in part-time studies (in addition to my job), and the language of the courses is a foreign language I did not feel so confident in. Maybe a week or so before this dream, we had the results of our first test back, and I had a really good mark. Also, I really enjoy the courses and the atmosphere at the university, and I am really motivated. Friends tell me that I have “blossomed”. So probably the dream reflects this. Thank you for this insightful analysis and for taking the time to decipher my dream!

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  1. I dreamt that my baby girl just popped out of me.. (I’m not pregnant in real life) . The astonishing thing is that there was no pain and very little blood….everyone around me was shocked… and i was very proud that it was such an easy labour . Can anyone help with this interpretation?

  2. I Just had a dream that I gave birth to a baby boy I was in a hospital dr’s all around me and I asked if I can see her and they told me the baby was a boy I was so happy to hold him

  3. Can’t wait to see what turn my life is gonna take..also dreamt giving birth, no complications and no doctors.. I’m experiencing abdominal pain even now

  4. I dreamt I was in labour and walking around the hospital room I had an unbearable urge to push so I did and after two pushes the baby came out while I was standing up. I was calling the dad to catch the baby cause I could see it (him) already past its shoulder and ready to fall. But for some reason my hands were having a hard to move the gown aside so that I could try to grab the baby before hitting the floor but it hit hard. I picked up the baby and started to walk toward the window which then turned into a blazing red sunset sky and we walked into the light. I woke up.

  5. Hi everyone I had dreamt l gave birth to a boy naturally…it was very quick and very little pain…after l gave birth l was holding the baby and looking down at him….my husband and l have been trying for a baby after we lost a baby girl when l was 43 years old… Do can anyone tell me what thay dream may mean

  6. Can anyone tell me what this dream means? I’m in my 40’s and well past child bearing age as I’m going thru the menopause … in my dream I was with a male friend who had died back in 2009 and I was sat on his sofa when this baby boy popped out of me, I was looking down at him and could see the baby’s private parts and thought “oh it’s a boy” he was still attached to me, some minutes passed and the baby was still attached, the male freind walked back in the room and seemed surprised to see me still sitting there, I told him to pass me the baby as he needed changing and the man gave me the baby and passed me some paper to clean the mud, yes mud off the baby’s arm pits and I noticed to baby felt cold so cuddled him and felt the blood trickel out of me and thought “shouldn’t the placenta be comign out now”

  7. Hi i am still waiting on my monthly cycle as it didnt arrive last month and got a neg test back 1 week after. This is now coming up the the second week.

    Last night i had this dream were i went to the doctors to get checked if i was pregnant but ended going into labour but i didnt have a bump , labour went well and i can remember trying to push and feeling the presure but no pain! The doctor took my little girl away and put her in clean cloths then proceeded to tell me that something wasnt right that i was pregnant again (so i jst gave birth and theres another baby starting to grow!!) i webt over to my baby where my partner stood and called her emily. Everything was really clear i said to my partner how ate we going to explain this to our familys and friends!

    I hope you can tell me abit more about this dream as im totaly confused!

    (Everyone in the dream was extremly happy baby included!)

  8. I had a dream that I gave birth to baby,the father isn’t somebody I know in real life I nope this isn’t attach to evil forces

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