Dream Interpretation: I Keep Finding Babies

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I am 33 years old and in my second marriage. I have 2 boys from my previous marriage and cannot have anymore children. My current husband is quite fine being their dad, and their father is deceased. Sometimes I think I would love to have a little girl.

I keep having a recurring dream several times a month where i find an abandoned baby. The baby has been different races and sexes. In my dream I am very happy and love the baby dearly. I guard the baby because I don’t want anyone to know I have the baby, for fear the person who abandoned it will want it back, or child services will take it away.

The baby is found in very random places (one was under a car in an empty parking lot). In my dream I often get the strong feeling I want to adopt the baby but don’t know how to do it legally without involving other people that may make me lose the baby.

Very curious as to what this dream means. One time in the dream I went to my mom and asked her to have her RN friend forge a birth certificate that she’d seen me give birth to it. I am often filled with fear in my dream that someone will take it back when they know I have the baby. I never STEAL the baby. I FIND it.

LauriBabies in dreams are very common, even when one does not want another baby. Remember, dreams do not speak literally but rather symbolically. So the babies you keep dreaming of are not about a new addition to the family but rather a new addition to YOU! A baby is a new life, so in dreams they will represent a new life for the dreamer.

The interesting thing about your baby dreams is that rather than giving birth to the baby, you are finding an abandoned baby. That’s an important detail. So it seems there is some new element to your life — but not an element of your doing, such as writing a book or starting a group, but instead a new element where you may be picking up where someone else left off.

There’s also a lot of legal concern in this dream, which may very well mean there is legal concern over something you want to take on in your real life. If not actual legal concern, then moral concern.

So: What endeavor or idea are you wanting to take on as your own lately? Your dream seems to be saying that, despite your concerns, this endeavor needs you as much as you need it.

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  1. Holy crap! I too have had similar dreams — Recurring Dreams – Started back in November 2018

    Finding an abandoned baby girl in a car seat. I have found her so far in 4 different situations. The first was just outside a store. The second was behind that same store on a hill covered in mud. The third was dropped off at my current job including everything needed for her and last nights was out in an alley behind my job in the freezing cold she was lifeless in a car seat, blanket and had a diaper that was too small.

    1. sent above too soon — I too had been trying to figure out how to adopt her without child services finding out and taking her away. etc.

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