Dream Interpretation: Can My Dreams Tell Me Who My Baby’s Daddy Is?

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

Before I state my dream here’s some background information. My boss and I have secretly been having sex over the last two years. I recently found out that I am pregnant and waiting on an ultrasound to determine if it’s his baby or my ex fiancé that I broke up a week and a half before my boss and I resumed. In the dream we were at work and he was being arrested (handcuffed and shackled) for cheating at the Pick N Save game. I tried to hug him as they walked him out but was told to not touch the prisoner. They did say I could kiss him and I did. I automatically grabbed both his arms while doing so and he was the one to remind me I can’t touch him.

Lauri: Oh my, you’ve got yourself quite a situation there. And when we get ourselves into sticky situations, our dreams help us to sort it all out. In the beginning of your dream your boss is arrested. This is pretty clear. The police are your conscience, the part of you that knows right from wrong and that can put a stop to or “arrest” bad behaviors. It seems that you did put a stop to it some time ago but temptation got the best of you, huh? And now, two pink lines later, you realize this really does have to stop.

The reason he got arrested in the dream is because he was cheating at the Pick N Save, which is a lottery game, right? The operative word here is “cheating,” which it takes two to “play.” Your inner boss, the part of you that is in charge of and makes decisions for your life decided to “take a chance” — which is what we do when we play the lottery — and cheat. Your dream is showing you that, like the lottery, it did not pay off. Your inner police, which is your conscience, is now telling you “paws off.”

Like I always say, the ending of the dream is typically where the most important part of the message lies. At the end of yours, your boss reminds you that you can’t touch him. This is interesting. While it’s obvious that you now know you should not touch him anymore, I do wonder if this could also mean that he is “untouchable,” as in there-is-no-way-in-hell-he-is-going-to-take-the-rap-for-this-and-you-sure-as-hell-better-not-try-and-cause-him-any-trouble-or-else kind of untouchable.

If the latter is the case and this baby turns out to be his, then heed the warning at the end of this dream and seek wise counsel on how to deal with this. Whatever the case, it is time to stop taking chances and get very serious because a very precious and innocent little life is coming into your care. Good luck to you.

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  1. Ohh, this is my favorite one yet. Gives “I’ll sleep on it” a whole new meaning.

    Although, Lauri doesn’t quite give a straight yes or no answer to the question of “if I don’t know which guy impregnated me can I just pick one from my dreams?” question.

    Ah, but I guess it doesn’t matter, the “seek wise counsel” is how it always ends. No one really advices to stop playing around and taking chances until its time to get a good lawyer to make someone else pay. haha… i don’t think “i had a dream” will stand up in court though.

    I guess it could be worse, its much better for a child to grow up and find out mother had to go through all of this to figure out who its father was, than not growing up at all. So my hats off to you for at least taking that responsible step.

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