Dream Interpretation: I Started a Threeway Then the Phone Rang

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

A few nights ago, I had a dream that my boyfriend of 9 months and myself met up with a mysterious gal pal he had. She was half white and half African American, and while the three of us were sitting on a couch, we both discovered that we were both bisexual. She and I started to make out while he watched, then we all thought it would be fun to have a threesome. I received a phone call so I left the room, and when I came back they were kissing and I felt really jealous. They stopped and I ended up having sex only with him because he knew I didn’t approve. We often joke about having a threesome or consider the idea, but we both end up agreeing we wouldn’t want to share the other. I’m not sure if i’m bi or not, and he doesn’t have any friends who are girls. So what does this whole thing mean?

Lauri: This dream is confirming what you already know, a threesome is a bad idea. The girl in this dream represents the idea of a threesome. She is mixed race because you are 50/50 on this idea. In the dream, the other girl is his friend, which leads me to believe he must have been the one to bring this idea into the relationship. The make-out session between you and the girl represents the conversations you have engaged in with your boyfriend about the idea of a threesome.

Kissing in dreams can almost always be connected to waking life conversation because – like kissing – it takes two mouths to communicate. Now, the reason why you leave when the phone rings is because your wiser inner mind is “calling” upon you to leave this idea behind. And it really brings home this point when it shows you the two of them kissing and you become jealous. Your dream is showing you that a threesome would expose your relationship to all kinds of unwanted feelings and complications. And just as you had sex with just him in your dream, so should you stick with just him in waking life.

This dream is a very honest representation of how you truly feel about the matter, so I would suggest you no longer joke about threesomes anymore. Your inner mind does not approve.

Dreamer’s response [plus more in comments section below]: This was SOO dead-on!! Thank you!!

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  1. This dream confirms what everyone should already know–If you’re the kind of person who stops in the middle of making out with someone and leaves the room to take a phone call, you are probably a bit of a douchebag and your partner will leave you for someone more considerate.

  2. Dearest tb, I was not laughing at your name. I thought your comment was funny. And trust me, I am NOT sex negative. Just ask my husband… and all my boyfriends. 😉

  3. Hey this was my dream!! So accurate I might add. And personally, I dont think threesomes are bad for everyone TB. In my case they obviously are though :)I’m too possessive. lol.

  4. tb….she is addressing you. It’s called an apostraphe. And the dream is analyzed to be saying that it’s a bad idea; Lauri isn’t saying it herself based on her own ideas. I’m led to believe that you, in fact, might be a twelve-year-old–or maybe younger, since I’m sure even my little sister can recognize a direct address when she sees one, or read a text and understand what it’s saying.

  5. It’s bad enough they feature a “dream interpreter” here (not as bad as the horoscope, I guess) but why pick someone to write it who is obviously sex negative?
    I asked why “a threesome is a bad idea” and her answer is “LOL.” Apparently she is laughing out loud at the fact that my initials are “tb.”
    She still hasn’t explained why a threesome is a bad idea.
    LOL and an emoticon…Shouldn’t someone writing for a site about sexuality be older than twelve?

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