Dream Interpretation: I Was Forced to Marry a Stranger

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

Last night I had a vivid dream about being a bride in a wedding. Unfortunately I was very unhappy about this and though I am not sure who the groom was, I did not love him. This was a huge problem for me. I felt as though I was being forced into the entire thing. My family was persuading me to walk down the aisle and I was very, very unhappy. To the point where I thought I was going to break down into tears. I did not like my dress, hated the venue, and was devastated to be marrying this unknown groom.

Then suddenly, one of my co workers came to the rescue. In real life we have worked together for six months and we are pretty good friends. In my dream he dragged me out from where I was hiding, walked me down the aisle and told the priest not to go through with the wedding. He told everyone that this was not what I wanted and this was all a very bad idea. The whole time he stood behind me, right up against my back holding both of my hands. After making his case he kissed the top of my head and told me everything was going to be alright. I instantly felt relieved and then woke up.

Lauri: Since you aren’t actually about to enter the final frontier of wedded bliss in waking life, this dream is most likely about a commitment you are feeling pressured to take on. Typically, the “mystery groom” dream happens when a woman is realizing her waking life need to commit to taking on a more manly role in some area of her life, when she needs to grow a pair and handle her business.

But your dream is shrouded in pressure, dislike, unhappiness, and dread. These emotions are directly connected to something that is making you feel the same way in real life. What are you being pushed into doing that you really want out of? Since your co-worker is in the dream, he may be a clue that this is about something going on at work. Has he recently “had your back” in some situation, just as he was up against your back in the dream? The main message of the dream is at the end when he tells you everything is going to be all right. Whenever you are told something in a dream, pay attention because it is really coming from your wiser, inner self. Through this dream you are telling yourself that, despite the pressure you are feeling, everything will indeed be all right.

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  1. Hey..
    It’s wonderful to see what you write.. And I might need your help in understanding the dream what I saw today while sleeping.
    So, it’s like… I woke up and saw a new room.. New place Nd my mom enters the room bringing all my luggage in… I didn’t understand.. Came down to the hall..must say the house was really beautiful.. At first I thought we were here for a vacation.. Later I was told.. That this is my in-laws place.. And I have a husband.. Though I haven’t seen him till then…. Shocked to myself… My parents were gonna leave me there.. I was like no… I mean.. I don’t know.. Inside I was crying so badly Dat I don’t remember anything of this sort happening.. The marriage.. Because deep down… I love someone else.. And we both are on a break.. Kinda…. I felt like I cheated and I started to leave the place…. I don’t know… As I left to get out to get some air… My husband.. Tall and handsome must say.. Came near to me… But I kept moving away from him… I ran… Didn’t talk… Mainly I don’t remember a person like him… I freaked out more wn I saw the marriage certificate my sister n law gave me…. I was aged 20 and my husband 30……with our names……. Inside I was kinda choking… Nd oll… This whole day.. Was quite too much.. Somewhere I was happy bout the marriage… But I was on guilt the most.. I was thinking only about him the whole time of hw will I tell him that I got married nd I don’t remember!!…
    Please help me in understanding this.. Please

  2. Hi I hope you might have an answer to what my dream was about. So it started out with having dinner with my parents and godparents. After dinner, we went to my room and my godmother and cousin were lending me some clothes I could wear days before I get proposed to. Later at night the guy came to my house and we just hanged out and as the days passed by we started to fall in love with each other. He was such a great person but the day before the scheduled proposal we got in an argument and he stormed off and I didn’t see him until the next day. I was heartbroken when he left me because I knew the next day he was proposing to me because our parents were forcing us to. When I saw him the next day he didn’t want to make eye contact with me until we arrived at a beautiful setting and everyone we knew were there to watch. Then he got down on one knee and asked me “ Will you marry me?”. I knew he didn’t want to marry me after our argument so I told him “ No.” Suddenly every one who was watching(including our parents) all gasped in surprise and the guy who proposed had an angry look on his face and told me that I ruined everything. Everybody was disappointed and angry at me and that’s when my dream ended.

  3. Hi… I just had a dream last night that I was being forced to marry this really cute guy I didn’t know. All I knew was I didn’t wanted to marry him .and my whole family and parents were forcing me into this. Even my groom was kinda keeping an eye on me saying that I am never escaping him. I was so scared and afraid… And then suddenly one of my cousins she came to me… And said the shell help me.. After so much of security in the house… She helped me escaped…. And it was night time. I reached the Railway Station and the dream ended… But I was still scared though.

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