Dream Interpretation: I’m Christian and Chaste But Masturbate in My Dreams

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it (18 and older only, please). This week, a reader asks Lauri:

I’ve been having the same recurring dream for a while about masturbating myself. Keep in mind I’m only 18, I have no intentions at all to masturbate, unless for my future husband’s pleasure, I’m not dating anyone, and on top of that all I’m a Christian. In the dreams I’m finding weird objects around my house that are straight and long, such as perfume bottles, bathroom items, and anything that resembles that part. My last dream was me not really masturbating, but weirdly taking pots out of my private part in my mom’s bathroom.

Lauri:  There may be a physiological as well as a psychological reason you are getting these dreams. Physiologically, the body needs sexual release. If that release is not provided while awake, the brain will instruct the body to release while in REM, resulting in sexual dream content. It is a healthy and natural thing, so don’t let it upset you. It’s perfectly normal.

Now let’s talk about the psychology behind these dreams! Masturbation dreams can also be the result of being pleased with oneself in waking life, hence the act of “self pleasure” in the dream. Have you accomplished anything lately or received accolades from others? If so, this is one reason why you have these dreams.

Now let’s talk about those pots. Rather than inserting them, you are removing them from down below… the opposite of masturbation. I think that dream reflects your aversion to sexual acts of any kind until marriage. Pots are used to heat things up, get thinks cooking, which is kind of what sexual activity does to our nether regions. You are removing the pots because your convictions dictate that there should be no heat in your little lady. I believe that dream is just trying to help you stick to your decision, so again, worry not.

Finally, remember that sexual content in a dream doesn’t mean you are cheating on your convictions! Rather, it is your mind and body working together to keep you on that path.


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