Dream Interpretation: My Boyfriend and I Were Held Hostage

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it) This week, a male reader asks Lauri:

After a fight with my boyfriend at his parents’ house where we were asked to sleep in separate rooms, I had a dream that he and I were being held hostage in my deceased great-aunt’s house. In my dream I knew my boyfriend was there and I knew it was a group of people who were holding us hostage, but I never saw them. I only saw the leader. I kept trying to text my dad who lives across the street, but the leader kept taking my phone, but would only set it on the counter where I would pick it right back up. Finally I’m able to text “kidnap men guns help!” Then I see my dad coming across the street through a window. The next thing I know, I’m in the front yard throwing my arms around my boyfriend and telling him, “You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Lauri: I am glad you remembered this dream because it is certainly trying to help you understand and properly deal with the tiff you and your boyfriend had. You did not disclose what your fight was about but from the dream it seems to have been about an issue that ought to be dead, buried and done with, which is why your dream took place in your dearly departed aunt’s house. Your dream is showing you that you — or he — or both of you are living your lives within a dead issue… and that is holding you hostage in your relationship. As long as you guys harp over a dead issue, your relationship is trapped and unable to move forward.

The reason why you were only able to see the leader in this dream is because, within the midst of the argument, you were probably only concerned your boyfriend seeing your point and therefore were trying to lead the argument.  That is why the leader kept taking your phone. Your phone represents your ability to communicate effectively, your ability to not just get your point across but to also listen to others. If all you are focused on is leading the argument, your communication is one-sided.

Your father is the part of you that knows best — Father knows best, as they say. Through the dream you are finally able to get through to this part of you that knows best and… lo and behold, that is when you throw your arms around your BF and realize that he’s just the greatest! Hopefully the next morning you and your BF were able to sneak away and “make up,” if ya know what I mean!

Dreamer’s response: Ooh wee boy! I think this dream stuck with me so well because I was so scared when I woke up, I analyzed every bit of it!

But, what you’ve said here makes total sense! We did get a chance to talk the next morning and came to the conculsion that we are both projecting faults from previous relationships on each other! The argument started over him leaving me alone at a get-together where I didn’t know anyone. I felt alone and abandoned. He is the epitome of a social butterfly, so he didn’t so much see it as leaving me alone, but giving me space to mingle with new people. I had a previous relationship where my fella became very distant and emotionally “abandoned” me. So, I was blaming my bf for bringing up those feelings again. He had a previous girlfriend who was exceedingly clingy and had a knack for starting arguments in the middle of public places. So, we I questioned him about “leaving” me, it brought up those feelings for him.

You’re so very right! For both of us these issues should be dead, gone and buried! We are with those people and we aren’t those people. Thanks for the interpretation! It seems so clear now!

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  1. I had a dream that my grandmother that had died was in my room and she came to hug me. She always hugged me really tight so in my dream the hug got too tight and it was hurting me. I began feeling as though this was not my grandmother but a demon. I yelled at her and said you are scaring me please go away and don’t come back. I also had two similar dreams about two years later about my grandfather but he was apparently a demon from the beginning. In the dream I was sleeping on my recliner and looked toward the steps. He was on the steps but he jumped over the steps and was crawling toward me on the floor like a scary demon. I felt very afraid and woke up.

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