Dream Interpretation: My Boyfriend Gave Birth to Our Baby!

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

Just for some background information, I have been with my boyfriend for over two years, and we are in a very steady and increasingly serious relationship; meaning, there has been talk of living together and possibly marriage. My boyfriend is in almost all of my dreams, but this was by far the strangest I’ve had. I was still a woman, and he still very much a man — and he was giving birth to our child! I was standing next to him, holding his hand as he was going through the labor, and we were both overwhelmed with emotion — positive emotion. I remember at one point looking down and feeling as if I could see the little hands reaching out as if the baby was also striving to be born. In the midst of the strain and labor, he looked up at me and said, “Wow, now it’s time for me to be a father,” and I was encouraging him and just in awe of what he was doing. Now, for further background information, I am not pregnant and am in no way sure I -ever- want to have kids; but when I woke up from this dream, I was so happy (and also rather freaked out…). I am super curious as to what’s going on here.

Lauri: I’m very curious as to where the baby was coming out? You know, never mind. I think I would prefer not to have that visual! So, let’s move on, shall we? This is actually a very lovely dream that reflects the enormous amount of hope you have for the future of your relationship. And that is precisely what the baby symbolizes… the future. It is the “new life” you and your boyfriend have been talking about having together. Interesting, though, that your boyfriend was the one that was giving birth, which leads me to believe that he perhaps is the one putting the effort into this possibility. Is he the one that brought it up, that “gave birth” to the idea? Whatever the case, your dream is showing you that, like a newborn, your new life together is untainted and full of possibilities, but also like a new baby, your new life together will require a lot of TLC and focus so that it can reach its full potential.

Dreamer’s response: Thanks so much. (And as for your inquisition as to the place of the infant’s, er, exit, it looked much like a normal birth with a woman to me — which is of course impossible — but, hey, that’s dreams.) Your analysis seems spot on with what is going on in our relationship. Since I have always been extremely hesitant (and a bit cynical) about the idea of marriage, the conversations on the subject have always been initiated by my boyfriend. Or, at least, he is the one who makes me feel comfortable enough talking about things as serious as this. This is not to say I hadn’t been thinking about them on my own (which was a self-surprise), but he is the one who brought the ideas we’d both apparently been having to the surface. And you’re right –I, the both of us, have a lot of hope! In fact, when we have these conversations, it inevitably comes to the terms you used — new life, and we’ve both approached these steps forward as a sort of rebirth, which… makes absolute sense in the context of the dream.

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  1. This helped a lot cause I also dreamt that my boyfriend gave birth to a baby boy at home and I was supporting him and I even remember what the baby looks like and d birthmark on the baby’s nose.

  2. I had a dream i was at my grandparents house & that my boyfriend was pregnant & i was in the restroom when i heard him tell people that its going to be a girl. I came out of the restroom & i yelled at him “i thought we both agree to have a gender reveal party!” I threw my promise ring that he had given me for our 2 years that we’ve met & i walked out the door & he came after me.

  3. i had a dream last night that my husband was handing to me this new born baby girl i didn’t know if it was ours or who’s baby it was but it wanted to be in my arms she was smiling but in the dream i was rushed so i handed back the baby to him that’s all i remember

  4. I had this same dream last night except I’m the bf not urs but someone’s bf. I had it standing up. It was very wild

  5. Hi there,
    I heard dreaming of a baby girl much better than a baby boy!?
    Yesterday I had this odd dream when I witness a strange man giving birth to a baby boy? Iam 2 years married woman and we’ve be trying to get preg plz any idea what that dream could mean?

  6. I had almost the same dream last night. So my gf was the one that was giving birth but we had to go to Japan for him to do that. Through out all the dream, he wasn’t showing pregnancy but was very manly. A lot of things happen at first like a baby shower and I get mad about something but he calls me down and then suddenly we r both rushing out of a hotel in Japan (because it was time) with 2 of our friends trying to get to a place where he is giving birth but he’s actually with me guiding us. (Let me add that the streets are,all empty and I kept suggesting getting into different buildings but they would all redirect me to the right one.) So the right building ends up being a very old church I go up the stairs and as soon as I open, my bf is on a bed and had just given birth, the doctor and my cousin are sitting in one end corner of the room while my bestfriend is sitting in the other end playing with my baby boy, who looks a few months old, maybe even a year old. I give my bf a quick kiss and I approach my baby who looks at me smiling and reaches out for me. I also realize he has my eyes but my bf’s nose and he is a beautiful baby.
    I have personally never dreamt of babies, also barely of my boyfriend, we’ve been together for over 2 years now and I know he wants us to move in together and get married but I keep telling him I’m not ready and the last time he hinted he was going to propose I told him not even think about it. I love him but not ready to commit to a new life when I’m still doing a lot right now.
    What troubles me is: why the old church? Why Japan? And how come the streets are empty in a crowded city?

  7. I am infertile, but last night I had a dream that my boyfriend of 7 years gave birth to a baby girl. A nurse came out and told me that the baby was a premie and that we would not be able to take her home, but hten she came back out and told us that we could leave with our baby. We got on the bus with the baby. The baby had a pink onsie with her legs exposed. I felt the baby’s leg and they felt realistically cold. My boyfriend then handed me a baby quilt to cover her. We then get home and lay on our bed with the baby in between us. This dream felt so real that when I woke up, I was looking for my baby. This dream made me happy and hopeful. I want a baby so bad, what could this dream mean?

  8. It could also be that the dreamer feels that Female Role Expectations are not something she wants to do, but would rather leave some of those up to her man. There are many things, that, face it, even if physically possible, men are just NOT going to do, and women have to and visa versa. Perhaps there is a bone of contention in the relationship about roles and who will do what.

    Best to get those straigtened out before the move in. Or at least start addressing them. Housework, yard work, child care, income etc never will be 50/50 and sharing a household requires a huge deal of compromise between the partners.

    Just an idea.

    My question was also, “Who the hell was gonna feed this child?” Shrug. 😀

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