Dream Interpretation: My Ex Stole My Car

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about love and sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

Last night I had a dream where I was working at my mom’s job, I met this guy that works there and gave him my number. I then came home to my ex-boyfriend and he got mad about me talking to a guy, he got angry and we started fighting physically. Then he grabbed my wallet and took my car! In real life you’d hope you could have some kind of wireless alarm in the vehicle for if that happened, especially if you were at home, but still. I ran after him and kicked him out of my car. My mom showed up and somehow he got her car, there was an old man with a cane outside and he started hitting my ex because I yelled for his help. I then took the cane, got in the car and started whacking my ex. Then I noticed there was a baby in the back seat. There was also a girl on a bike who tried to help. My ex was driving while I was still in the car hitting him with this cane. Somehow I jumped out of the car then I found some people grilling food for 4th of July and I joined them. Finally the cops came and arrested my ex.

Lauri: Wow! Lots going on in this dream but that’s good because it means your dream has a lot to say to you. It seems that you’ve been having a hard time moving on from the ex. It must’ve been a helluva relationship! In the dream he takes your wallet and your car because – whatever happened in that relationship or even in the break-up – has robbed you of your self worth as well as your ability to move on.

The fighting, that continues throughout the dream, is connected to you either beating yourself up over the relationship or you continually fighting your feelings about it… or possibly both. The old man appears in this dream to let you know this inner struggle you are having is really getting old. The baby in the backseat is the new life you want and need to have now that this ex is an ex, but it has taken a “backseat” to all your inner turmoil. The girl on the bike is the part of you that is trying to get your emotional balance back (because one needs to balance a bike in order to use it).

The ending of the dream is fantastic! You get out of the car that your ex is driving. This shows us that you are getting out of the frame of mind that allows him to control your life… even though he’s an ex you must have allowed the pain he caused to take the wheel in your life. The 4th of July celebration represents YOUR INDEPENDENCE! And the cops arresting your ex indicates that you have finally and successfully put a stop to all your internal drama. Mazel tov!!!

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