Dream Interpretation: The Tip of My Penis Broke Off

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Each week, Lauri tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means here on EMandLO.com. Here’s this week’s:

My girlfriend told me today she had a dream where the tip of my penis fell off and I put it back on like it was no big deal. She said this happened in the dream while we were just sitting around.

Just some background on us. We’ve been dating for over 5 yrs and everything is really good. We’ve lived together for the past year and we laugh every day. What do you think her dream could mean?

Lauri The detachable penis is actually a very common dream — however, the detachable tip is a new one!

Typically, male genitalia in a dream is often connected to male energy in waking life: being assertive, growing a pair, manning up, etc. To dream that the penis has come off can mean that the man in question has surrendered some sort of assertiveness and taken on a more passive, caring or nurturing role in real life. So for your tip to come off, and then you reconnect it rather nonchalantly, may mean that she feels you have easily stepped into and out of a more passive or more gentle role recently.

However, since it is only the tip, perhaps she feels you have only scratched the surface in some way, or have only touched on the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Is there something she wants a little more of from you. Excuse me, I mean…. a lot more of!

Also, is there anything that has been on again and off again, as far as she is concerned? Hmmm… also the “just sitting around” makes me wonder if there is something she feels you need to get up off your duff and take care of. Run this analysis by her and let us know what she says!

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  1. please interpret this dream for me. I saw myself having sex with my girlfriend and my dick cut off inside of her, and I was trying to remove the chopped off dick from her vagina. finally I removed it and I was holding it in my hand. please tell me the meanning

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