Eat Your Heart Out, Naked Cowboy

If you’ve ever streaked across your college campus, participated in a Spencer Tunick shoot, or had one of those dreams where you’re pantless in front of an auditorium of people, then you’ll probably get an extra kick out of Matt and Kim‘s new video for the song “Lessons Learned” from their sophomore effort, Grand. It features this Brooklyn-based indie-pop duo/couple stripping down to their birthday suits among the throngs in Times Square, complete with unchoreographed police intervention. (Read this Pitchfork interview for some behind-the-scenes details.) If you can get past the fact that they’re pretty much forcing the sight of their raw naughty bits on unsuspecting passersby (including one wide-eyed child) — which, like excessive PDA, seems a little discourteous — the image of these two non-model human beings completely au naturale against a background of bundled-up tourists (they shot it in winter!) and glitzy billboards is really quite beautiful. Watching it reminds you that we’re all flawed and vulnerable creatures who were once innocent and full of hope. Spoiler Alert: And then the director goes and ruins it all (at least for us) by having Kim get ridiculously, comedically hit by a bus in the last few frames. Is that what you get for indecent exposure? Phooey.

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  1. beautiful and moving. And I think the end is sad but true. That´s what happens to really innocent people in our society.

  2. Non-model? Really? I mean, they may not have actual jobs as models, but I think if I looked like that, I’d have fewer qualms about getting naked in the middle of it all, too!

  3. What a beautiful video. Could have done without the bus killing Kim part. Everything else was awesome. You guys should post more music videos that pertain to sexuality.

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