Em & Lo Need a Few Good GAY Men

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Flamboyant, straight-seeming, drag queening…whatever! If you’re gay, opinionated, lady loving (in the platonic sense) and have a good relationship with spell check, then we want you to be one of our Wise Guys! We got a great round of new straight men from our last Wise Guy search but still need a few more  gay guys, so get in touch with us here (include name, age, location, relationship status & url). Ideally, you’ll have some sort of web presence (a blog, a website, a book or business to promote) that we can link to from our end, so make sure you send us the url!


  1. I saw this post and I immediately thought of my friend Justin who writes an awesome blog that touches on a gamut of subjects, but always includes his unique perspective as a gay asian man in L.A. It’s true, in college we would go to him for advice all the time. He’s an amazing and intuitive writer and I think he could make a great contributor for your site!

  2. name: justin huang
    age: 24
    location: los angeles
    relationship status: single
    url: http://www.iamyellowperil.com

    Hey Em & Lo,
    My awesome friend Cat told me you were looking for some sassy gay friends. While I’m not exactly sassy, I am pretty much the male voice of advice that my girl friends turn to, and I really enjoy giving them my pearls of wisdom.
    Here’s the thing: I really get straight men. I understand them really well for whatever reason. (Maybe that’s why they don’t sexually interest me.)
    I occasionally write a blog that regularly gets a thousand hits within a week of each new post. Check it out.

  3. Name: Abraham Zeus Zapata
    Age: 27
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Status: “engaged to another man” (if you’re so inclined) or “living in *fantastic* sin” (if you’re not so inclined)

    My Gal-Pal Becca turned me on to your site, and sent me this link! Would love to be considered for your one of your Wise Guys! (or Wisenheimer if I’m feeling sassy…)

    Why today alone, with the ladies of my office, I gave my thoughts on the pros and cons of bikini waxing, a surprising well received explanation of men’s “ho-ish” behaviors, a male perspective on “back door” sex antics and the best way to emboss velvet… (no double entendre – take a rubber stamp, a low heat iron and a piece of velvet and you’re halfway there!)

    By day I help buy diamonds and gems for an online jewelry company and by night I’m an actor, artist, crafter and all around dork.

    With a sincere desire to help others by communication, art and humor combined with an encyclopedic knowledge the arts, crafts, Star Wars, Comic Books, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Cartoons, Opera, Stagecraft and films – I hope I can fill the gaping hole you have open for a willing and confident gay man. (double entendre intended.)

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