Em Was on TV This Week!


We know we heap a fair amount of abuse on Fox. Mostly, though, that’s just for their “fair and balanced” news coverage and their angry ranty political talk shows. When their cheery sparkly morning show comes calling, however, we just can’t say no. Because there’s nothing like dishing dating advice in front of a live audience who are being goaded into yelling “Kiss!” or “Dismiss!” so loudly that they probably can’t hear all that oh-so-sage advice anyway. If you missed it, maybe take some of this advice, the experts over at DatingPilot say that dating rules are a thing of the past. If you feel like texting someone an hour after your first date, do it. There is no need to wait three days to return a call, none of that will make you more attractive.

Oh, yeah, and we’re total publicity whores to boot. Hey, it’s the recession, folks. Will you still respect us in the morning? (Answers in the form of “Kiss!” or “Dismiss!” only please.)

Okay, now that the disclaimer’s out of the way, click here to check out Em on “The Mike and Juliet Show” in a segment called “What’s Normal When It Comes to Dating?” (and here’s part two). Her fellow guest is one of our favorite sex experts Ian Kerner — unfortunately the producers decided there wasn’t room on the couch for Ian and Em and Lo. Fortunately, though, we agree on pretty much everything except baby talk, and that topic didn’t come up on Monday. Topics that did come up include a romantic solution to going dutch on dates; when to use the “girlfriend” word; what’s TMI when it comes to sharing with your friends…and your mom; and what to do if your boyf frowns upon ladies night (you’ve got to fight for your right to party, clearly). Stay tuned for the text version of the questions we didn’t get to in the next post.

And yes, we’re as disappointed as you are that the gentleman in the photo with the grey pompadour didn’t get to ask his “is it normal?” dating question.


  1. one thing i noticed is that Ian was ready to assume that the person being complained about had %100 of the responsibility, and made the assumptions that the person asking the question had done their share.

    Em was the only one who seemed to look at the issue from more than one point of view.

    Em, that’s exactly why you two girls are so highly respected. Keep it up, you are amazing.

  2. Em’s *always* hot. Ms. Lorelei’s quite fetching as well and it’s a shame they didn’t have a bigger couch. Maybe they could’ve brought in a folding chair, or just ditched Ian. I know *I* would have.

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