Evolutionary Psychologists Do It with Blinders On

sperm_and_eggphoto by gniliep

Evolutionary psychology can be so annoying sometimes. Like when it tries to explain women’s modern-day preference for pink as some left-over instinct from hunter-gatherer days when they needed to be good at gathering berries, completely disregarding the fact that in the early 1900s pink was the color of choice for little boys and blue for little girls. And how many times have you heard that men are promiscuous because of their endless supply of sperm while women are selective because of the limited number of number of children they can squeeze out a uterus in a lifetime (though Mrs. Duggar might beg to differ) — how many cheating husbands have used that excuse? See: annoying. But one new study published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution (and reviewed by LiveScience.com’s Science of Sex column) suggests that things might not be that simple…

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  1. Did you even read the post, William? It’s easier to not think, isn’t it?

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