Gay Marriage: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

thenewamericaimage from Wordboner

It’s this kind of thing — a new, totally rad T-shirt logo from Wordboner — that scares the bejeezus out of homophobes like the National Organization for Marriage. So frightened are they of an imaginary army of gay soldiers forcing them into a life of sodomy that they put together this gem of fear-tactic propaganda (our favorite line, with our own italics: “We’ve put together a rainbow coalition of people of every creed and color who are coming together in love to protect marriage”). Naturally, it took about two seconds for a slew of parodies to hit the Internets — one of the best so far is “from” Restoring Integrity to Marriage or “RIM” (see RimsJob.org, tee hee). For a non-parody antidote to this kind of bigotry, check out Iowa State Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal’s response to Minority Leader Paul McKinley and his efforts to amend Iowa’s constitution in order to undo the recent unanimous decision by the state’s Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage.

[Via BoingBoing and Geek Bon Chic]

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  1. I love the second one as well. I live in Iowa and was walking home through a rally right after that ruling, and truly? the people there (this was early, so mostly hardcore activists) were just all so happy and most were excitedly planning to marry someone they’d loved for years, that I couldn’t and still can’t understand how that’s a bigger threat to marriage than wishy washy (but straight! cuz that apparently makes all the difference?) people like me.

  2. I know they make it sound like gay’s will try to break into our homes and beat us for being straight. I love it, I almost peed laughing at it. But seriously I loved the second video, I too feel the same way, there is nothing more romantic than people professing their love for each other and being married. It makes you appreciate the rights that you take for granted that others are fighting for. My parents my never understand or even approve of gay marriage, but as a straight person I think not supporting it is a crime against love and marriage itself.

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