Geekiest Marriage Proposal Ever

Warning: only hardcore nerds — or those with a soft spot for hardcore nerds — will find this YouTube footage (below) touching. Game designer Anders Howard, with the help of his friends, designed a video game to propose to his girlfriend Steffany; he got friends and family together for a launch event of the game and had her test drive it in front of everyone; in it, a Steffany-look-alike has to walk around a cartoon city collecting food (she writes a foodie blog called Dinner Love) and along the way gets help from an Anders-look-alike, as well as flowers, love letters and ultimately a ring. Super geeks can even play the game for themselves here.

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  1. I thought this guy’s approach was sweet. It combined his “nerdiness” with her “foodiness”, so it was very personal.

    Everyone has a right to their point of view of course, and the longevity of Mlle L’s marriage is certainly something for her to be proud of. IMHO, the way a proposal is made is not a barometer of how the marriage will turn out. And having had a ringside seat to my 11 year marriage failure and death, I hope that this couple’s goes the distance and they find a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations!

  2. I mean, it’s kind of cute, better than putting the ring on the claw of a lobster or some shit. But, I still don’t care for these things.

    Maybe I’m just older and cranky, but I HATE “imaginative” marriage proposals. They are so contrived and influenced by Hollywood’s need to give people fantasies that are out of the realm of real experience. NO woman should be “surprised” at a marriage proposal! If you know each other well enough to get married, and have a monogamous relationship, then both of you KNOW marriage is or is not the next step.

    Nothing makes me more nauseous than some chick in a movie or on Tv screaming and acting all surprised when she opens the little blue box with the ring in it and screams “OMG, I can’t believe it!” Why? Doesn’t she know him? THIS shouldn’t be a surprise.

    I don’t know. My Man “proposed” (if you can call it that) in a hotel room after about 4 hours of steamy sex. “So, do you wanna be my wife in a year or so like we’ve been talking about? I’d really like that.” I said, “Sure.” That was that.

    He didn’t put a ring in an oyster, or hide it in my diaphragm case (Now THAT would be an imaginative marriage proposal. “OMG, I can’t believe it, the ring punctured my diaphragm, you idiot!”) or anything like that, we just KNEW we would get married and it was said, rings were bought, we moved in together, a small, nonostentatious wedding was planned, a baby conceived, a smaller wedding moved up a little, and then we got hitched and started our life together.

    Our marriage has lasted longer than our friends who had inventive proposals, big obnoxious weddings, a dozen bridesmaids, $3,000 dresses, “2 month salary” engagement rings (we bought an inexpensive wedding set and put the rest of the money into a HO– USE!) and all that crap.

    It’s about the MARRIAGE, not the proposal, the wedding, the ring, the dress, the attendants, the band, etc. It’s about spending your life together and sharing EVERYTHING. It’s about the future, not about a “story” to top other people’s proposal stories.

    IMO, the less ostentatious the more likely the marriage is to survive.

    But, if you have to go silly, this was cute.

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