Gents Only Poll: Are You a Faker?

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  1. Really? You dont know how this happens? On yr fourth time or so in one crazy night of fun, IN a condom, when you just go and go and of course it still feels great but you can reach a point where its just not going to come to a climax or you are too tired and /or drunk to go on any more and shes already worn herself out on top you just kind of let yourself collapse like you’re spent and “pull the goalie”, cuddle up with her and go to sleep together.

    Dude, Nick. My condolences… No man should ever have to go through that.

  2. Becky.

    The situation where a guy will fake is when he’s been able to make his girlfriend orgasm from oral sex and she wants to return the favor. She is not good at following his directions and is unable to keep her teeth from dragging the full length of his shaft. He pulls away and pretends to ejaculate into a towel to put an end to the discomfort.

    i wish i did not know from experiance

  3. Okay, I’m not buying these numbers. Any guy that’s had a decent burger or bbq after a long day at work, period of fasting, grueling physical effort or ill-fated attempt at vegetarianism has faked an orgasm.

    I’ll have what he’s having.

  4. Actually, Becky, men can orgasm without ejaculating. Orgasm happens right before ejaculation, so the two can be separated and men can even be multi-orgasmic. Plus, if he’s wearing a condom (as he should be), you don’t even know if he ejaculated or not.

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