Green Porno’s Season Three Contest

This week, the Sundance Channel launched its third season of “Green Porno,” Isabella Rossellini’s wacky exploration of all the weird ways animals do it (this time around, there are more overt environmental messages throughout). To honor the show, we’re holding another contest where one lucky EMandLO.com reader will win an eco-friendly prize pack. It includes Ella Vickers bags made out of recycled sails, “1 Bag at a Time” farmers market bags, a Boku journal made from recycled paper, a Sundance Channel T-shirt made from organic cotten, a Sundance Channel pen (eh), and a copy of the new Green Porno book! All you have to do is watch this short episode, this one, this one and this one (4 in all, not the teaser linked to above) to answer the following five contest questions, then send your correct (duh) answers to us via this form, including a way for us to reach you in case you win. (All questions apply only to creatures featured in season three of Green Porno.) We’ll choose one winner at random from those who answered correctly (sorry, only those with addresses in the United States will be considered due to shipping limitations). Good luck!

  1. In which species does the male have a “harem” of females from which to choose a mate?
  2. Which animal mates in “orgies” (aka, spawning)?
  3. Which species changes gender as a part of its maturation process?
  4. For every one of these caught, 10 other lives (called bicatch) are lost…?
  5. Which species can communicate by luminescent effect or shape-change and show love with a “20 arm embrace”?


  1. Ellen, we’ve partnered with the Sundance Channel for this competition, and unfortunately they’ll only ship prizes to U.S. addresses. But it doesn’t mean we love you any less than our U.S. readers!

  2. Grmpf – What a pity that I can’t participate. Why are there restrictions for Europeans? There can’t be any shipping limitations to the European Union?!

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