Hey Arizona, Check Out This Male Seahorse Giving Birth

The seahorse is the only male creature — outside of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1994 movie JUNIOR — that gets knocked up, and as such has become something of a mascot to us in our line of work. Especially as women’s reproductive rights are increasingly under attack. But until someone forwarded this video to us, we had never actually seen a male seahorse give birth. It’s pretty mind-blowing and kind of, well, sexual. Ejaculatory, even.


  1. That can be so but I felt that it was referring to the female since she is the active one. The male is resting and the female is the one who comes to him.

  2. Melody, I think the (kind of dorky) voice-over text is referring to the male when it says “no rest for the wicked,” right? Meaning, he’s totally pooped after giving birth but he gets no downtime because here comes his female partner to impregnate him again…

  3. It’s pretty anti-feminist for the female to be referred to as wicked…
    (2:04) “No rest for the wicked though…. The female, full of eggs, is ready to make more babies!”

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