Highlights from #YesAllWomen

The Twitterstorm known as #YesAllWomen that’s blown up over the past week — in response to both the misogyny-fueled killing spree at UCSB last Friday and the misguided hashtag “NotAllMen” that took off shortly thereafter — has shined a bright light on how much more work needs to be done dismantling idealogical sexism. Here’s a round-up of just a few recent gems from the more than million tweets on this topic in rotation:










  1. Feminism has done some real good things. I wouldn’t deny it. A woman should be able to do whatever she wants without being confronted with male aggression. There was a time when any ol’ man could go around groping ladies, and that was wrong. That time is over, and we have feminism to thank for it, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s why I welcome feminism in mainstream discourse.

    … now, about the psychos. They’re wild cards. They follow no logic, subscribe to no ideology, respect no laws. They are one of nature’s cruel curveballs. You just have to live with them. So do I. You will never, ever educate or enlighten or pursuade them into behaving in a socially acceptable way. They’re about as suggestible to social change as deadly brain-eating neti pot bacteria.

    With that in mind, I think everyone – the feminists, the PUA’s, the MRA’s, everyone – should just shut up and show some respect for the dead, instead of being vultures about it, and wait for some more appropriate opportunity to make their points.

  2. Oh, and I think the print above the video has it all wrong. The author basically say that culturally engendered male entitlement drives men to this sort of thing – but don’t vilify all men! It’s just a minority!

    Bullshit. A culturally engendered sense of entitlement has a MASSIVE effect on the MAJORITY people living in the West (again, think you’re exempt from that because you have a vagina? The MRA’s have adroitly skewered that notion, but I don’t expect you’d listen to them any more than they’d listen to you, since you belong to warring camps). It does NOT cause people to go on mass-murder sprees. That requires an extra little push from the crazy chemicals, which are present for all sorts of reasons before male entitlement.

  3. What is it you think I can’t identify with? The experience of vulnerability? This will come to a surprise to many feminists, but being straight, white males doesn’t protect you from a damn thing when a psycho decides it’s time for a stabbing spree. The world is still more dangerous for men than it is for women by a long shot. I’ve got numbers to back that up, but I won’t bother quoting them because I’ve learned that statistical fact is meaningless in the face of a staunchly held ideology like feminism, or liberalism, or conservativism, or religion, or whatever.

    I get that this guy is was a misogynist, but here are my points:

    1. You don’t take the things a crazy person does personally. You chalk it up to a random tragedy like a lightning strike or a tsunami. This shit just happens in nature once in a while and it sucks for everyone, not just women.

    2. It disgusts me that so many groups – feminists, PUA’s, MRA’s, gun activists, etc. – would all leap to plant their flags in this before the corpses have even cooled.

    3. No, it’s not “all women.” This didn’t happen to an entire gender. It happened to two women specifically (the dead, anyway. I haven’t counted the wounded). It’s still happening to those peoples’ families. It is most definitely not happening to you just because you have the same genitalia as two of the six people slain.

    I checked out that link. I couldn’t get into the whole video, but I get it from the title: men are by far the more dangerous sex. There’s one of those statistical facts I mentioned earlier. There’s no denying it. So what? What do you want to do about it? Take to twitter? What’s that change? Nothing. That’s just how male insanity manifests itself sometimes. Man-psychos are not going to read a feminist’s twitter link and change their murderous minds. It’s just about leaping on any opportunity to make one’s point – whatever that point may be for whoever’s making it. Hence my description of the whole thing as a circle jerk. That stuff is written by feminists, for feminists – not for the general public, not for the males whose way they’d see changed. And given what happened this time, I consider that massively insensitive.

  4. I agree he had mental health issues and that should be addressed but why should we sweep the mysogynist rhetoric under the rug? Just because YOU feel it isn’t important? Yet another man that can’t identify. Let them use what they want to get this information out there, things need to change. Women need to be seen as equals, nothing less.

  5. … one more thing. As you can see I consider this whole discussion worse than misguided – I consider it offensively opportunistic and immature. Why is the “not all men” thing more misguided than any other comment made by most people on this subject? I’m asking seriously. I’m not on twitter, so I don’t know.

  6. I have a problem with this whole “misogynistic killing spree” rhetoric.

    First of all, misogyny, virginity, etc. – these are all red herrings. They guy was profoundly mentally ill. If it wasn’t woman issues, it’d be something else. A boss that fired him. Classmates who teased him. Whatever.

    Second of all, this guy had a problem with EVERYTHING. He had a problem with women, sure. He also had a problem with guys who can get laid. He also had a problem with non-white races.

    Third of all, and sorry to get all MRA here, but it has to be pointed out – he killed two women and four men. Why isn’t he the misandrist player-hater killer? Three of the men he killed were Asian and one was Hispanic – this is after numerous online racist tirades. Why isn’t he the racist killer?

    Now look at the tweets above. Oh, what a nice self-congratulatory circle jerk we can all have over this! As a man, I object to shooting women – aren’t I enlighened! Snowy-skinned, blond Brienne lectures us on white privilege – tell it, sister! Even the PUA’s are getting in on the action – if this guy had listened to us and gotten laid, this may all have been averted!

    They all make me want to puke. The only group that has any business using this tragedy to push an agenda is mental health professionals.

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