Is That a Lipstick in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Really Happy?

image via Lelo

A lot of the so-called “discreet” sex toys out there don’t exactly live up to their name. Sure, the I Rub My Duckie doesn’t look like a vibrator, but then you’ve still got to explain to your visiting aunt why, past the age of four, you keep a rubber duckie in your bath tub. And then there are those cheap mini vibes that claim to pass for a lipstick in your purse but just look like a kid’s play version of makeup instead. Which is why we love Lelo’s Mia vibrator — it actually looks like a lipstick. And because it’s made by Lelo, the uber-classy Swedish toy designers, it looks like a classy tube of lipstick, and not something meant for that ho Barbie.

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