It’s Not Gay When It’s In a Threeway

Why is a FFM threeway a rite of passage, while a MMF threeway is weird or kinky or wrong or just plain gay? In case you missed it last weekend, take it from Timberlake, Andy Samberg and Gaga: “It’s okay when it’s in a threeway / It’s not gay when it’s in a threeway / With a honey in the middle there’s some leeway.”


  1. It’s funny that most guys don’t see MFF as gay, even if the 2 girls touch each other and have sex, uh sorry but that is still gay!! MMF is so hot!! Women love having 2 men having sex with them. Threesomes are gay, so what? Come on its 2011.

  2. Every guy I know has no problem with me in a MFF situation but it’s nearly impossible to find willing guys for a little MMF. Seems most men are just insecure with themselves.

    Look men- nobody is asking you to do each other. The sooner you men get over it, the more fun I’ll can be having.

  3. Does this mean involvement in a train situation is almost the gayest thing a fella can do?

    Funny video, though.

  4. Johnny, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy your response made me. I applaud your matureness there. You’re entirely right – people need to stop thinking of ‘gay’ as a dirty word.

  5. I object to the “it’s not gay when it’s a 3-way” argument.

    Two boners are gayer than one boner, no matter how many women are in between – and what’s wrong with that? Who cares if it’s a little gay?

    The fact that people argue with themselves and each other about the super-straightness of being naked with a boner around other dudes still frames gayness as something to avoid or dissociate yourself from. Which it’s not.

    A MMF threesome is 2/3 gay. So is a MFF threesome. Big deal. You’re allowed to gay it up a little if you want.

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