Jimmyjane’s newest toy, the FORM 4

Jimmyjane just released it’s third and final toy in the “Pleasure to the People” series (a collaboration between designer Yves Behar and Jimmyjane founder Ethan Imboden): first there was the Rabbit-ish FORM 2 (that won an IDEA Award), then the flexible FORM 3, and now finally the stout FORM 4. While there’s no FORM 1 or 5, there is a FORM 6, but it’s not a part of this “Pleasure” series — confusing, we know. But they don”t need to make sense, they just need to feel, look and be good — and they are. All use Jimmyjane’s proprietary waterproof rechargeable technology, which means they’re washable, bath-friendly and never need replacement batteries. All feature medical-grade silicone, are body-safe, and come with a 3 — count ’em, 3! — year limited warranty. Plus, they’re all gorgie. But all that means you’ll pay a pretty penny (about $145 for the FORM 4). Here’s what sets the FORM 4 apart:

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  1. I tested the Form 4 a few days ago and found it to be quite a versatile vibrator. It’s good for both shallow vaginal stimulation and clitoral too.

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