Little Girls Do "Single Ladies" and Our Inner Gloria Steinems Weep

Wrong. This is just plain wrong. Think “Little Miss Sunshine” — except this is real life. We really hate agreeing with Fox News (it’s like one of the signs of the coming Apocalypse), but 8 year old girls should not be dressed up in sexy Pussy Cat Doll outfits and then taught how to gyrate and bump and grind in moves evocative of sexual techniques to gain an audience’s affirmation. It just makes our inner Gloria Steinems weep. Yes, these kids are freaking amazing dancers — just let them be amazing dancers without sexualizing them before their time! And no, we don’t think the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” dance defense used by one of the girl’s parents holds any water. If there’s any video of a scantily clad minor doing Beyonce’s dance that we can condone and support, it’s this one.


  1. So its ok to tell 3+ years old kids about trans people and sex as long as it is trans and gay related, but for some reason then this is not ok? Where does the line go? If you are straight then it is not ok? But 8 year old boy using makeup and dressing as girl is ok, and not sexualising kids? Reallly?

  2. I grew up as a classically trained dancer from the ages of 3 till 18. Never once did our teachers have us perform adult moves at their age. These young girls are clearly talented in the movements and technique of dance, but in my opinion, I feel that the choreographer should have focused more on control of that technique than on the flashy and controversial dance movements. In a dance competition, there were so many other options of movements to have used to show their talent, and I wonder what was the reasoning of choice for this particular dance for 8 and 9 year old.

  3. And this stuff translates into everyday life in all ways, too. My youngest is 10, the clothes I see in some of the stores, I wouldn’t wear myself. Little hot pants, size 6X with the word “Juicy” “Sexy” or “Hot” on the butt. Jeez. Inappropriate for children, and I am a very open person, just feel kids should be allowed to be KIDS.

    My youngest needs a little bra, but all I can find are molded cup bras with underwires, FOR KIDS! I just want something so she won’t feel exposed as she is physically ahead of a lot of girls her age. But, I want her dressed as a 10 year old, not a 20 year old stripper. Underwires? In a size 7? Sheesh.

    Luckily, she hates that stuff, detests Hannah Montana, iCarly, the new Chipmunk “girls” or whatever they are. She’s happy to play things age appropriate, plus things like chess etc. Of course, we limit TV time and computer time. She doesn’t even want her ears pierced (which I would allow, as her sisters had them pierced even younger than she is) or even wear nail polish. I guess there are benefits having a TomBoy. (Although that, too is hard for me to relate to, as I have always been a girly girl. But, my mother would have died before she let me wear hot pants at 10. 🙂 )

    Kids grow up fast enough. They NEED time to be able to act like kids.

  4. I feel these children never had a chance to live their childhood by playing in the sand and not having to worry about their eyeliner running.

  5. The parents’ defense makes no sense at all. If it’s OK for the people inside that venue to view the performance, then why not a wider audience? It’s like the only thing they’re sorry for is that they got exposed.

  6. I have young children, and I have, unfortunately, been subjected to the recent Chipmunk movies and the accompanying soundtracks as nauseum. If they are imitating the Chipmunks, then have them use that version of the song, wear chipmunk T-shirts and cute little ears and noses or something — and tone down a few of the moves. Dressing them up like the cast of Moulin Rouge does not support the argument that “They got it from a kids movie.”

  7. Haven’t seen it. Don’t want to. This is frightening. Seriously, when will parents just let kids be kids again?

  8. Oh, the best part – and indignant Katie Couric saying, “two million youtube hits!? what kind of sick person watches a video like that?”

    … as her network loops clips of that very video over and over for her entire audience.


  9. Oh, puke. What type of parent lets their little girl do something like that?

    Way to set your kid up as a target for pedophiles.

  10. IMO, no FEMALE should be involved with any pageant type thing, whatsoever.

  11. This why the pill should be manditory for some couples.Any child under the age of 15 should not be involved any kind of pagent period!

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