Merriam-Webster Accused of Pro-Gay Agenda

dictionaryphoto by greeblie

While the rest of us were battling it out over gay marriage in courts, newspaper editorials, elections, marches, and barrooms across the country, a little company called Merriam-Webster was quietly making their own call. So quietly, in fact, that even though their dictionary updated the definition of marriage back in 2003 to include same-sex couples, it wasn’t until this month that anybody really noticed. That’s because the conservative site WorldNetDaily finally caught on to the fact that in M-W, marriage is no longer “reserved for the institution that has held families together for millennia.” Oh, that’s right: Dictionaries describe things as they actually are — rather than the way the small-minded minority wishes they were. (All the major dictionaries now include same-sex duos in their definition, although only two three four U.S. states do.) All of which confirms to us that anti-gay crusaders don’t read the dictionary nearly as often as they should. Next stop: sodomy.

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  1. We just realized that — and we couldn’t be happier! We’ll be posting about Iowa here on Monday…

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