Naked News (09-09-09)

sperm_eggphoto by [177]

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  1. “Some might argue that it’s more hygienic, but they are wrong. You know what’s hygienic? Soap and water.”

    I’m not in favor of Brazilian wax, but how can they advise soap and water down there? Using soap down there is asking to get a terrible yeast infection! No woman in her right mind would want that…

  2. Sunday, you’re right: We should have clarified our position. We didn’t agree with Playboy’s *entire* list, either (spanking and roleplaying are definitely not ready to be retired!). We guess we were just so blown away by them officially “retiring” the Brazilian that we were a little blinded…

  3. I usually agree with most of what I read on here, but I didn’t much like the playboy’s ten sex acts that should be retired…sure we could do to get rid of brazilians and flavoured lube…embrace your womanhood and all that…but what’s wrong with a little spanking or fingerbanging? and the ‘if a little pain is totally necessary’ part makes it sound judgemental..
    What we really should be retiring? the idea that’s it’s still not 100% alright to be into kinky things (in a safe way of course)..

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