Naked News: A Celibate Craigslist; Plus, Saying the Wrong Name in Bed Is Bad for Your Health

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, a. Not sure what happened there, but we linked to the wrong story and now can’t find the original study.

  2. I’m confused… the first link is listed as a study on prolonging celebacy being bad for you, but then the article actually talks about how to much sex is bad for you. Did I miss something?

  3. I don’t know anything about voluntary celibacy. The one female voluntary virgin I know seems quite well-adjusted.

    But male involuntary celibacy? It’s debilitating. I consider it a handicap. I’ve had friends – even room mates, unfortunately – who have gone YEARS without. These poor bastards are angry and resentful. They hate on the women who deny them. They hate on dudes who get laid. Their lives are depressing, and suck.

    The worst part is, the longer you go involuntarily celibate, the harder it is to break the cold streak. A man who goes a year without getting laid is likely to go two years. And a man who goes two years will almost certainly go four. And then he’ll be no kind of man at all.

    This is why I support the seduction community, sleazy though it may seem to many. Who else is going to help these unfortunate men out? Certainly not women.

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