Naked News: Free Condoms, Demi's Youthful Secret, and Prop 8

photo by soundfromwayout

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  1. I agree with Demi. Although I don’t want to sound icky and self involved, I look pretty damn good for a woman my age. (I’m, eh em, over 30…something.) In fact, as our sex life increased as our kids got older, people started asking me, “Did you get plastic surgery?” “Did you have Botox?” (No I wish.) or “What moisturizer are you using?”

    My own father, after not seeing me for a few months said, “OMG, you look 10 years younger. What did you do?” I wasn’t going to say, “Well, we’ve gone from having sex 3 or 4 times a week to more like 10, Dad.” (Inappropriate conversation. I told him I lost weight, which I had a little.)

    Sex, lots of it, is good for you, and I think it will make you look youthful. Maybe the smiling has something to do with it. 😉

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