Naked News: HPV Vac for Boys and How BP Spill Links to Weddings and Abortions

photo by stevendepolo

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  1. Weddings on the beach, this quote, about a wedding planner named Linn, who had to give deposits on Beach Weddings back to prospective brides and grooms: “Linn was pleased with how her first claim to BP was handled. She submitted a claim for a loss of $6,500 for a wedding canceled about a month ago and within a few weeks, she had a check for $5,000.” end quote

    WTF? The average fisherman, shrimper or crabber, who makes his entire living from the Sea, and is now OUT of a living for as many as 10 years, is being given about $2,500 from BP, total!!! A wedding planner gets TWICE that….for the loss of ONE of her weddings? What a disparity. What a travesty.

  2. Strange coincidence that the blood donation article came up, since I’m giving blood tomorrow. There are some really peculiar exclusions on the questionnaire they give you. Like the article said, it’s not just a gay ban they have, it’s also a ban on straight guys who had one gay experiment, a lifetime ban. They really need to get some actuaries in there to sort out the statistical oddities. It’s weird to me to realize that at the same time a straight guy might be thinking, “I wonder what it’s like to give a BJ?”, he’d also think, “Do I want to never give blood ever again?”

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