Naked News: Teen Sex Keeps Kids Straight – But Only If It’s Serious, Committed Sex

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  1. Teens having sex in committed relationships are less likely to be delinquent than their abstaining peers. But teens having casual sex are more likely to exhibit “anti-social behavior” than either group.

    Maybe that’s because having sex with multiple partners, with whom there is absolutely no interest in, actually is (at least for some) an antisocial behavior. It is, after all, a form of using others for one’s own pleasure. Or, to put another spin on it, someone who is rebelling in other ways is likely to rebel sexually, too.

    An interesting finding from the linked article:

    Harden found genes significantly influence sexual behavior among young teens (ages 13-15). Genes related to impulsivity, extroversion and early puberty may influence young adolescents to have sex in non-dating relationships. These same genes may also put them at risk for adverse psychological outcomes, Harden says.

    However, older teens (ages 16-18) are more influenced to have non-romantic sex by environmental factors, such as coming from economically disadvantaged households, little parental involvement and poor school systems.

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