Naked News: Walnuts Are Good for Semen, Semen Is Good for Women

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We know, we know: it sounds like a bad frat-house joke. But there’s a lot of sex research making the rounds this week, and while some of it is very welcome (amongst college students, women are no longer judged as harshly for their sexual behavior; also it turns out rape victims actually have a higher rate of pregnancy… and goddamn Akin for making that seem like good news), other news seems ripe for abuse (semen can improve women’s moods?!). But, hey, at least the walnut industry should get a boost with the news that eating those nuts improves semen health.

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  1. I’ll admit my heart sank when I heard there might be new research confirming Gordon Gallup’s 2002 “study” about the health benefits of unprotected semen guzzling for college coeds.

    It sank even further when I saw the dateline on Christine Hsu’s Medical Daily article. Aug 21, 2012? Dang!

    Fortunately I followed the link even further and…

    The “new” research she links to is… that same 2002 article from Gordon Gallup. Who’s an evolutionary “psychologist,” not a doctor or even a biologist.

    Old geezers like Prof. Gallup and I might wish our semen could drug college coeds. Or even that the alleged benefits of unprotected semen consumption outweighed the confirmed risks. Unfortunately in order to persuade our partners to forgo barrier methods we’re going to have to continue relying on ordinary charm, confidence, respect, and trustworthiness — oh, and history of condom use with previous partners.


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