Nevada Legalizes Male Prostitutes, But Will Women Pay to Play?

Nevada County has finally legalized male prostitutes — so now the only question remaining, especially with the approval arriving in the middle of a recession, is this: Will the phones be ringing off the hook, or will the silence be deafening? A small brothel — and wannabe stud form — about 150 miles northwest of Las Vegas prompted this decision. They received final approval last week to employ guys for hire — guys who would be the first legal male prostitutes in the United States.

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  1. Yeah. Like we need to pay for it. LOL!

    I think these young men are going to find they will have to go the way of The Midnight Cowboy if they want to make money from sex.

    Most Women, if they want “no strings attached sex” don’t have to look far, OR pay money……

  2. I don’t think Johnny is that far off. Women who are looking for just a couple hours of sex with with a stranger who turns them on, don’t have to look very hard. Simply telling the object of their immediate affection, albeit a stranger, that she wants to get out of there and to a hotel room is enough of a proposition for most men, and they know it. I figure it will be mostly men who want to experiment or act out fantasies who use the service, just like the female prostitution business in nevada.

  3. In Vegas, you’ll see some women pay for sex. People go there to act wild and crazy, to act out fantasies, etc. Some women will pay for sex with the type of male-stripper-build, playgirl-model ype they’ve always dreamed of.

    But I still only mean SOME women. Everyone knows it’s almost always dudes who pay for it. Straight dudes experimenting, gay dudes who want a super-hot stud… 98% of people who pay for sex – or for sexual entertainment of any kind, including porn and strippers – are men. Vegas being Vegas, you might see female pay-for-sex figures go up to, say, six percent.

    My figures are anecdotal of course, but you get the idea, and I’m sure I’m not far off.

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