New Word: Chweeting!

We’re very proud of ourselves for coming up with this one. With the whole Weiner scandal going on, we were discussing how there’s got to be something in between flirting and actual physical cheating. What Weiner did goes beyond mere flirting — even though it didn’t involve physical contact with anyone other than his wife, it did involve sexual antics (and release?) with other women via social networking services and the telephone. So it’s not full-blown, full-body-contact, STD-and-pregnancy-risking cheating, it’s more like virtual or cyber cheating. But “virtual cheating” isn’t catchy or fun to say and “cyber cheating” just sounds so lame and ’90s. And that’s when it struck us: Chweeting! Anthony Wiener is a chweeter! We did a quick search and the only instance of “chweeting” used in this context that we could find was in the title of a post from the now-defunct UK-based (we think) wordpress site Celebritards about a married, British TV host caught sexting someone other than his wife back in November 2010. Well, it didn’t catch on and they’re gone so we’re taking credit for it over on this side of the pond now. Start spreading the word! Maybe it’ll catch on like “santorum” (we can dream).

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  1. I heard the word “tweetheart” recently, referencing someone that you are flirting with on Twitter.

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