News from the Lab: Three Cheers for Elastomer!

chemistry_setphoto by Alejandro Hernandez

In case you hadn’t noticed, we tend to rant and rave a lot about what you shouldn’t put in your body. And we’re not just talking about taking unwrapped candy from strangers. No, we’re talking about sex toys, too. As consumers, we’re responsible for educating ourselves about what we stick where the sun don’t shine — ’cause the manufacturers just trying to make a buck sure aren’t going to inform us. When we rant and rave, we lavish particular scorn on phthalates, which are an ingredient in jelly rubber, unstable vinyl (a.k.a. PVC), and other soft plastics — and, by the way, potentially carcinogenic. Okay, fine: you get it. The world is full of toxic sex toys and sitting on a dildo just isn’t the fun, harmless, innocent activity people used to think it was. So what should you put in your body?

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