Oral Sex Tips to Use on Her

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Yesterday we reviewed the blow job basics. Today, it’s time for your cunnilingus refresher course. Like getting in shape or getting rich, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to going downtown on her. What worked on your last girlfriend may not work on your current one; what worked on your current girlfriend yesterday may not work on her today. So mix it up, keeping these ground rules in mind:

• Don’t do it just so she’ll offer you oral sex in return: think of it as a gift you surprise her with (especially if she’s had a particularly bad day at work).
• Let her know there’s no place you’d rather be and that you’ve got all day, because you do — cunnilingus is made for procrastination and sick days.
• Make her comfortable: turn down the lights if she’s shy, turn up the heat if she’s chilly, tell her to close her eyes if she’s easily distracted.
• One word for you: Tease, tease, tease. Start all the way down at her toes and work your way up.
• Once you get to the main course, run your tongue over the entire area, from bottom to top, side to side, even in and out.
• Don’t be afraid to get wet and messy with your salvia – it’s more fun that way, not to mention easier on her tender bits.
• Hug her buttocks to really get in there, or just stick a pillow under them for easier access.
• If you’ve got five o’clock shadow, make sure it doesn’t irritate her.
• This could take a while. If you’re a guy, then a lot longer than it takes you. Settle in.
• Never blow air into the vagina – that can cause a fatal air embolism.
• Ask for feedback and direction with yes or no questions (Faster? Softer? More of the same?).
• Save the clitoris for last, like the olive in your martini. Try gentle suction, a swirling sensation around it, and/or a repetitive back-and-forth head shake with your tongue stiff and sticking out just a bit.
• It’s not cheating to use your hands. Let your tongue swab the upper decks while your fingers work down below – or vice versa.
• If you’ve got a free hand, rub her surrounding territories: her tummy, inner thighs, perineum and breasts need tender loving care too.
• Make noise: it lets her know your having a good time, plus, the vibration can feel nice.
• It’s okay to come up for air whenever you need to, just be sure to continue the motion with your hands.
• But when you find something she likes, try to stick with it. The same steady pace, without ever speeding up, for twenty minutes (yes, twenty minutes) could be what pushes her over the edge. In fact, any quick or sudden shifts in pressure or form when she’s nearing that edge could be the equivalent of a return-to-start card.

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  1. There is nothing better than going down on a woman. I love intercourse. But, a woman’s body is to be touched, treasured and enjoyed. I am a self proclaimed 2or3 to 1 guy. Give her 2or3 orgasms (my tongue never goes limp) and then the grand finale or intercourse. And, if she gives me oral first, I can be rebuilding and reloading while I entice, enjoy and entertain her every whim. Her VAGINA; I Love It.

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