Our Favorite Reponses to #HowToSpotAFeminist

You might have noticed this week that an unpleasant hashtag made the rounds on Twitter. #HowToSpotAFeminist was started by one of those mysogynistic wannabe-Howard-Stern drive-time morning DJs (whose name and Twitter handle we will keep to ourselves, as he doesn’t deserve any more attention). The hashtag was meant to get people making fun of burning bras and hairy armpits. And sure, that happened — you can go find those Tweets yourself if you like. We won’t publish them here. But then, the very funny and very feminist women (and, yes, men) of Twitter took over. Here are some of our faves…

When you know Roe v Wade isn’t a suggestion—but a constitutionally protected right #ppGeneration #HowToSpotAFeminist

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality & full humanity of women & men – @GloriaSteinem #HowToSpotAFeminist

#HowToSpotAFeminist Look in the mirror. If you don’t see one there, hop in a time machine and go back where you belong.

If you see a guy I am sleeping with. #HowToSpotAFeminist

#HowToSpotAFeminist A feminist doesn’t need spotting. She can lift weights on her own thank you very much. Or he.

#HowToSpotAFeminist have a conversation with a woman. Chances are you found one.

#HowToSpotAFeminist I’m one!

#HowToSpotAFeminist? Easy: follow the trail of broken glass to where they smashed through the ceiling!

She’s the one who thinks women have the right to determine their own path in life #howtospotafeminist

This could also say: how to spot any rational adult who respects others. #HowToSpotAFeminist

“Do you want equality?” “Yes.” GOTCHA.

They have the crazy idea that they should be paid the same amount of money as a man.

the fifth arm is usually a bit shorter

They turn solid purple during the Full Moon.

I don’t need femimss ? You cannot. You will never even know she is there. Until it is too late.

look out for anyone that has a functioning brain inside their head and you’re on the right track

? u can’t. we move unseen in the shadows until it is too late. we are sneaky like ninjas.


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  1. My favorite feminist joke:

    Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: One, obviously, and there’s nothing funny about that.

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