Penis Enlargement: Why It’s One Big Ball of DON’T

We answered a reader’s advice question on small penises almost four years ago and it’s still the most popular article on our site! 591 comments and counting! We can’t tell you how many letters we get from guys asking how they can safely increase the size of their penis. There are actually quite a lot of treatments on the market which claim to increase the size of anyone’s penis and for some men, it can be a little overwhelming having to choose from a varied selection. From male enlargement pills to surgery and even apparatus, we’re here to discuss it all so that men can invest in their manhood. Recently, Cosmopolitan magazine have also asked for our input on a post about jelquing (though, for the record, we don’t really think they should have actually included instructions for an activity that can’t help and can definitely hurt).

We were quoted only briefly in the Cosmo article, so we thought we’d post for you a few of our extended thoughts on the subject of penises, great and small.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is the only way to get a bigger boat, permanently. But this usually just increases the flaccid length and width, and that’s generally not the point, right? Also, it’s surgery. On his penis. It’s expensive, it’s dangerous, and it doesn’t improve sex. Don’t do it!

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Jelquing is one of the many, many, many techniques or products claiming to increase penis size that has gained widespread interest thanks to the internet — and, in particular, thanks to spammers! The short story is: It doesn’t work. More importantly, it could do some serious damage to a man’s number one guy. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If someone tells you something will increase penis size, they’re lying. Let’s say that one more time, shall we? If someone tells you something will increase penis size, they’re lying.

Penis Pumps

Sure, penis pumps can temporarily increase penis size — because they give the guy an erection, duh. And some guys do report that a penis-pumped erection is a little more impressive than a regular one — that’s because the pump literally forces blood into the penis. But after using the pump, it can be harder to ejaculate. Also, pumps can cause bruising (yowza!).


Here’s the good news — something that actually can improve the strength of a dude’s erection: kegel exercises! Seriously, they’re not just for the ladies. Check out our how-go guide for kegels for dudes.

Put Down the “Penis Enlargement Cream” and Get in Shape, Dude

In general, good cardiovascular health will improve a guy’s erection, because they’re both about good bloodflow.

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Put a Ring On It

Some guys find that their erections are a little more impressive when they wear a love ring (a.k.a. cock ring). But you’ve got to be safe when using this kind of ring! No solid metal rings — make sure the ring is something that can be easily removed, e.g. a stretchy silicone ring or a velcro ring. We’re big fans of couples’ rings like the Tor 2 by Lelo, which offers a little vibrating action for the woman, too.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Penises,

Em & Lo



  1. Okay…I was skeptical that nothing, other than surgery, is going to be able to enlarge your cock.
    But I gave the stretching exercises a try. I also bought a hydromax penis pump (it uses water and not air to pump your dong). Well I can tell you that after nearly a year of using this methods I have gained 3/4″ of an inch. My cock is now 7″ long. I can stretch my flaccid penis to 7 1/4″ so think that with a really good hard erection I might be taping over 7″. I’m 59 years old and wished I had given this a try in my teens or early 20’s…who knows what young tissue might be capable of growing to!?

    Now can you injure yourself? Yes you can always push things too far, be a little too eager to push the limits. The key is just 4-5 sessions a week and not stretching too hard….think of coaxing yourself for gains and not being vigorous.
    The hydromax definitely pumps my cock up in size, and while temporary the idea is again to coax those tissue in your penis to gradually expand over time. It certainly seems to have helped my erection quality as well.

    I know you’ll read all kinds of naysaying regarding what I’m saying but I’ve been a long time contributor on this site and have no reason to lie, deceive, or bullshit. I used these methods on myself and have seen results. What you won’t see is what internet ads are trying to sell you….you’re not going to gain 3″ in 3 months! The gains come very slowly and you do have to stick at it and not be discouraged.

  2. let me say right from the beginning of this comment: I am NOT a shill for Dr. Elist. But his surgical enhancement has been successful for 15 yrs. He has an FDA approved, patented silicone implant. Just like a woman can have breast implants, so can guys have a penis implant. Surgeon for men dot com is the site. Yes, I am considering it, that’s why I found the site. It is safe. And there are NO cuts on the penis. There are a few stitches on the penis, but otherwise, it is a relatively quick and low pain way to get an increase in both length and girth. All other surgeries, pills, etc, are indeed worthless. This is the only method with 15 yrs of success. There are, of course, before and after pics (NSFW, obvs)

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