People Who Get Paid to Touch Your Junk

This holiday season, spare a thought for the hardworking TSA agents who, though they get to wear blue latex gloves when they do it — unlike most prostitutes, one assumes — don’t get paid nearly enough to touch your junk. Also, we’re guessing that doctors and prostitutes aren’t regularly accused of attempting to “cop a feel” on the job. And to everyone out there who has ever accused an underpaid, overworked, frequently-yelled-at TSA agent of a bad touch (yes, we’re talking to you, Ms. Kardashian): keep your dirty little fantasies to yourself, please. Because we very much doubt that sweaty, stressed-out, shoe-less holiday travelers shuffling through the security line feature in the sexual fantasies of your average TSA agent. [via]

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  1. Thanks for the reality test on TSA and our private parts. Folks at TSA are just trying to keep us safe, do their job, and keep their job, just like all the rest of us. Give ’em a break.

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