1. I loved the TV-show which was really good material. But the first movie was already an absolute disgrace. 2 hours of fashion-shows and screaming, no story whatsoever.

    SJP and Michael Patrick King just want to make a quick buck from the movies, thinking up a good intelligent story would obviously keep them too long from swimming in their money-pools.

  2. I’ve never seen the show, nor any of the movies. I don’t quite get it. My take is these “professional women” sit around in cafes and order pink drinks and talk about their men and their vibrators. Sounds like my life, (sans the designer clothes) but I don’t need to watch other people doing it. LOL!

    I’ll stick with DVDs of the Sopranos. More my kind of thing to watch.

  3. I am going to watch it as soon as the whole media war dies down a bit. I am a bit intrigued by Samanath because of course she is going to get into a few sticky situations. Not really interested in Charlotte and Miranda because they had their own talks in the last movie.

  4. Uuuuuugh… not that I’m too manly to watch an episode or two if I’m hanging around the house with my girl… but that’s too much of an estrogen mob-scene for me. It’s like asking your girlfriend to come watch Ultimate Fighting in sports bar that’s packed with drunk dudes. Even if she’s willing, would either of you REALLY want her to anyway?

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