1. What an interesting poll, especially the results! They are so split that it just goes to show how different people’s opinions are about how much is ‘too much’…and shows that it really doesn’t matter!

  2. Indeed. I count oral, which most people I know don’t. But then again, I don’t attach much importance to numbers. I don’t ask, and I’m not prone to disclose my number of partners. As long as a person has been safe, and has been tested, what does it matter?

  3. Always an interesting and fun topic for a poll, but the question that always comes to my mind is “What qualifies as a ‘sex partner’?” Just penetrative (anal/vaginal)? Oral, too? Someone you kissed? Since the term ‘sex’ can cover such a wide range of activities I wonder how much of the spread in results is caused by differences of what people conceive a ‘sex partner’ to be in addition to the differences of opinion about how many of those partners you would need to have before you can officially be labelled a ‘moral degenerate’ (or ‘libertine’ depending on your point of view).

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