1. I ask about STDs, but never about the number of partners. Things just get competitive or feelings get hurt.

  2. Nope, non-latex. I’m allergic to latex. Anaphylactic shock is a definite for me, I’ll take my chances on NOT suffocating to death with polyisoprene or other synthetics.

    Newer studies have shown, that polyisoprene and other non-latex condoms are just as effective against pregnancy and when properly used, as effective as latex against STDs. Lubing the inside and the outside prevents breakage, and the “pores” are not as accommodating to virus and bacteria as earlier suspected.

    They don’t have that “Latex Funk” either….

  3. I hope you actually mean bring your own LATEX condoms since those are the best for protecting against pregnancy, STIs, and HIV/AIDS.

  4. Acht. My ramblin’ days were in the late 70s to early 80s, and we didn’t THINK to ask. (The only man I ever did ask was my first, and the man who ended up being my eventual “forever-Man.” Only because I was a virgin and wanted to know if HE was, he wasn’t.)

    When I think that the only thing we THOUGHT we had to worry about was stuff you could cure with a few days of Penicillin…..until herpes reared it’s ugly multi beaded head. And even then, it ain’t gonna kill you.

    I remember being in college and hearing about the “Gay Plague” and not knowing much about it. (I remember going to Gay Bars with a Gay friend and men greeting each other with “Where’s the Beef?” Ah, the 80s…..and his not allowing me to even use the “Ladies Room” in those bars, due to unfettered goings on in those rooms. Hole in the Stall Divider Days.)

    Condoms were not in very common usage back then (early to mid 80s) A friend had a one night stand with a young man, who identified as “Bi-Curious” (only we called it something else back then) and she got a bacterial infection afterward and was laughing and making JOKES “Oh no, I have the Plague.” (I am pretty sure she is HIV negative at this point.)

    If only more people had taken it seriously. We were in college, we were horny, and, shit if we just didn’t IMAGINE what could be brought home by NOT asking or thinking.

    I pray I never have to date again. UG. But if I did I certainly would ask, not to mention bring my own non-latex condoms….

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