1. Knowing that germs hibernate in the lairs of our mouths during the night, I have always been creeped out by an early morning make out session. It’s even worse when one of us gets out of bed first to gargle (and pee) leaving the other one feeling even more icky.

    The remedy? Begin our day with any sexual position where we aren’t face to face. There are tons. A few closed-mouthed smooches are perfect and we keep our focus on the task at hand rather then feel insecure.

  2. My only question is why is there no option for “yes, morning breath is never a problem for me or my partner.” what’s wrong with this world that we have to sterilize everything about ourselves, even the idea that our breath might not be naturally minty fresh. My partner and I spend hours in bed in the morning kissing, making love, and speaking clearly to one another without holding our noses. Why isn’t that an option in this “poll”?

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