1. If he sees someone and it doesn’t help, I have a 12″ tongue and can breathe theu my ears ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, hope all works out

  2. I know he’s been stressed about some things like work,etc. as well as some kind of heavy extended-family drama that emerged a few months ago. I am trying to be supportive and understanding-I have not said a word to him about this- I was just kind of venting …….

  3. OMG,thought I was the only woman going thru this. I feel like I was deceived at the beginning of my realationship. Sex was great! I don’t know what happened-I swear it’s like he got lazy or something. Started being longer in between sessions and then after a couple years he didn’t even bother with anything other than” You want to?” and maybe a kiss or a lick of my nipples and then he just goes down on me. It’s the same thing everytime now. No variation and I mean I come everytime(he’s good at that- I taught him well ๐Ÿ™‚ but damn! Mix it up. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to complain either because I have already brought up on several occasions thru the years that I want more and now it’s been 2and a half months since the last time-never been this long before. I am no longer desperate for the minute of penetration I’d get after he went down on me,I’m just pissed. I have only had my vibe,porn,lube and my hands for months and I don’t understand! I look good,keep clean,never fuck around,work hard to help support the family,am a good mom and would do anything for my guy. Any straight man I know would be happy to fuck me so why won’t my husband?

  4. Needsome, I’m sorry but to get married because the sex is good = short term relationship. My wife and I will be married 25 yrs in Sept. We still have sex 3-5 days a week, sex is an important part of our relationship but not why we got married. Sorry to rant but you seem really immature. Go find a guy you can love for 30 more years who is also good in bed, not because he is good in bed.

  5. I would love to get atleast 5 minutes!!! If I get 2 minutes of penetration I’m lucky. My sex life is like a race… “who cums first wins”. I’m a 30 year old female and I feel like I’m in heat and I could never get enough sex. My husband and I have sex 3-5 a month. When we first met we had sex atleast 3 times a day, and then there was days we had sex 10 times!!! I mean the sex was good that’s why I married the guy. Now, I would much rather grab a toy and watch porn. I know this sounds so wrong…. It’s usually the other way around, the guy ususally complains his wife isn’t giving him any.

  6. Figleaf makes some very good points ( as usual.)

    Also, many of us don’t follow the “she gets manual or oral (if she’s lucky, she orgasms) he gets manual or oral, then they have PIV sex. Then, he ejaculates and it’s over.”

    Many of us mix it up nearly every time. A few minutes of this, a few minutes of that, Oh, back to a half an hour of this, then some of this other stuff, then back to what we started with, then the toys get broken out, then some PIV, then back to oral for all, then some….other stuff, then back to the second thing we did (I think, we’ve lost track and our out of breathe and incapable of rational thought by now) somebody orgasms, then she does again, then he does, then she does again, then they do the third thing they tried this time, then he orgasms again, then they fall into an exhausted heap, while still nibbling on each other.

    In other words, I really have NO idea how long. Quickies can last 10-15 minutes, marathons can last 3 or more hours, but they are not hand-her oral-his oral -penetrative – other penetrative -end type sex.

    In other words, I don’t think there’s an ideal. I prefer at least 30 minutes to an hour, but it can be broken up, and most likely is, by other activities.

  7. What’s an ideal penetration time? I think it depends a lot on whether you’re thinking of penetration as part of foreplay or penetration as the end result.

    An average of 10 minutes sounds about right for classic beginning-to-end, assuming you’re both ready to start at the same time.

    But if you’re able to include it in foreplay? When you’re both really in the mood brief moments of slow penetration between long kisses and caresses can leave you both aching for more.

    And then there’s the methods of penetration with no movement (e.g. Shaker or Tantra) that don’t actually require hours but do take longer than ten minutes.


  8. I think the ideal is longer than what we may be physically capable of. But if everything could work right and keep going, why would you ever want to stop?

  9. Chose about an hour…there was no button for “penis checks in, but it don’t check out.” (lol)

  10. Is this including the time before she wakes up or just while she’s awake? It makes a difference

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