1. when you are both active and willing to BUT mostly at night after having a little nap and from 3:00 am in the morning cos everybody’s temperature and desires are always high.

  2. The BEST TIME for SEX is ALL THE TIME,ALL the Above work for me except waiting till the weekend,let’s do it all the time and on the weekend,as long as we are both have the same level of sexual desire,it’s all good,I think the challenge is finding that person that wants you as bad as you want them,if you find that…..KEEP IT, not being evenly matched as far as your sexual desire and need for sex is one of the reasons(I SAID ONE OF THE REASONS) why men and women cheat.I’d love to find a woman whos level of sexual desire matched mines. 🙂

  3. As I have grown older and have no interruptions from children, anytime is the best time for sex, I am especially fond of early morning, in the middle of the night, and the middle of the afternoon. As a single woman of 58, I love being a Cougar. I am blessed with a 45 yo lover who has turned my life up side down or right side up depending on your perspective.

  4. anytime is the best time but for my honey an me we’ve been drinking and gambling all nite without sleeping so when we get back to the room we are so HOT for each other then we sleep…

  5. In reality, any time is a good time for sex. We have been together for 26 years and are at the point in life where we like it anytime we can. you need to add that choice to the poll.

  6. i think before bed and mostly early in the morning because the body temperature is usually warm at that time of the day. i enjoy it mostly when my husband’s manhood is so strong. i love sex mostly with my husband, he is too active in bad

  7. Used to be nighttime. Now, first thing in the morning, after a nice Jacuzzi bath with My Man is starting to edge it out just a little. Our youngest kid doesn’t sleep much, and is more likely to be REALLY hard asleep in the morning, so morning is sometimes more relaxing. I also like to make love just as the sun is coming up. It so sweet to gradually see your lover as the sun enters the room a little at a time.


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