Poll: Which Would You Rather Have on a Desert Island?

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  1. If we are on a dessert island, and that hot girl that is with me is not initially interested in me, will eventually become interested, because I would be the only man there with her.

    Sooner or later her hormones will send her to my side. She has no alternative, plus, I am good loooking myself!

  2. I chose the person because you can have romance without sex. a person to keep me company on a romantic trip would always be more satisfying than a sex toy.

  3. I think this question depends a lot on how satisfied you can be through masturbation without props. If your two hands are all you need, then you might as well have the person around. If masturbation without props doesn’t do it for you, or you hate the idea of sex with someone who isn’t attracted to you at all, then bring on the sex toys.

    I’m pretty sure that my interest in sex would dry up if I were completely isolated from human beings and the media.

  4. At least a person would provide company. Being alone with just a sex toy on an island would get old fast–there’s more to life than sex. Even if they don’t want sex from you, you could have a good friend/companion and help. And you always have your own two hands to…er…take care of -other- needs if they don’t break down…

  5. The hottie would provide plenty of spank material. And she/he would probably break down once in a while and need some good lovin’.

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