1. I was in college back when the stories broke, and my impression at the time was that the allegations grew from the fury of a woman scorned, and probably weren’t true. It still doesn’t lessen how very douchey Allen’s actions were regarding Soon Yi, however. Dylan Farrow’s recent statements don’t especially change my opinion on the whole thing.

  2. Yes they all seem a little crazy at the end of the day. I don’t trust any of them, especially not the grown up kid by two celebs. We’ll never know. Hopefully the truth lies somewhere in the middle – Woody has pervy tendencies but would never molest his own daughter.

  3. Oh yeah! The big one! How could I leave it off the list: Woody Allen is most famous among people of my generation not for his films, but for eloping with with his partner’s daughter, whom he cared for in a paternal role since she was a little girl. Woody Allen has a confirmed history of majorly transgressive sexual conduct, of disregard for the consequences of his libido on his family, etc.

    To this day, the ends justify the means as far as Allen is concerned. He has no regrets about the Soon Yi debacle. His famous quote on the matter is, “the heart wants what it wants.” As in, “when my heart (or boner) wants something, fuck everyone and everything else. My sexual and romantic satisfaction is more important than the welfare of my family, including my 37 adoptive children.”

    Don’t get me wrong. Mia Farrow seems like quite a piece of work. But I just can’t trust Woody.

  4. ^ The specificity of Farrow’s claims, mostly; the fact that she’s sticking to her story as a grown woman; the fact that Woody’s rebuttal rings hollow (false appeals to logic: “why would I molest my daughter? It’s not LOGICAL! So, see? There’s no way I would have done such a thing”).

    Anyway, I’m just leaning. It’s a gut feeling and I only have the same information everyone else does. There are only 2 people who really know what did or didn’t happen. I find Woody Allen boring anyway, so it’s not like I’m gonna be conscientiously boycotting his movies. My opinion is as irrelevant and meddlesome as everyone else’s.

  5. Haters are going to hate. People want to believe Woody is guilty. It makes them feel powerful. Sad that one of America’s great, and innocent, artists gets hung out to dry because of a mentally ill ex-spouse.

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