Preventing Risky Teen Sex: Father Knows Best


Poster via DemotivateUs.com

A friend of ours — one of the Wise Guys, as it happens — is fond of telling new dads, “Your most important job is to keep your daughter off the stripper pole.” Well, a new study kind of proves his point, if you’re willing to accept “stripper pole” as a sort of overarching metaphor for everything from early sexual activity to teen pregnancy to self-destructive tendencies in the sack. (Yes, we know not all strippers are young single mothers who’ve made bad choices; some happily choose stripping as a lucrative career. But we’d bet that any father of a young girl would file random hook-ups, barebacking and stripping in a category labeled “sex-related shit I hope to god my daughter never engages in.”) This is the stuff that makes fathers want to sit in a rocker on the front porch holding a shotgun. Anyway, the study found that when it comes to preventing risky teen sex, teenagers whose fathers are more attentive and more involved in their lives are less likely to engage in risky activities like unprotected intercourse. Attentive moms help too, of course — but researchers found that dads have twice the influence…

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  1. Rei- i’ve known MANY women to act the same towards men.
    they are making passes at men who are younger than their own kids.
    “Thunder from down under” makes more money than any one all women strip show.

    however, on average. men are more graphically aroused, women are more situationaly aroused (there are ofcourse MANY exceptions, this is just what’s most common)

  2. I will never understand this…guys love going to strip clubs and paying for hookers, who are, ‘someone’s daughter’ but once it becomes their own daughter who is stripping, its all different. Dad’s become really protective to their teen daughters, but that same dad will go to a strip club to see an 18 year old strip and give him a lap dance. Is this a double standard? It’s gross when my own dad is gawking at a 20 year old girl walking down the street, and has a 20 year old daughter.

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